Cancers of the nose

Tumors in the nose are a disease characterized by the presence and development of cancer cells in the sinuses or nasal cavity. The main symptoms that usually occur and before that you should consult with your doctor are: feeling of pressure in an area of ​​the face, persistent bleeding nose, sinus infection, the presence of a wound on the inside of the nose not heal with the passage of days, frequent pain in the nose, etc. Since some of the symptoms caused by this type of tumor in the nose match that cause some benign conditions, such as sinusitis, in some cases tumor diagnosis is made in already advanced stages of development. Diagnostic methods are usually biopsy and several imaging (radiology, CT, ...). And the treatment is based on the removal by surgery and radiotherapy, depending on the degree of impact of the intervention, the reconstruction of the area using microsurgery required to restore functionality and appearance of the organ to the patient.
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