Simple goiter

Goiter, or thyroid goiter is an enlarged thyroid gland that is characterized by the appearance of a bulge in the anterior neck that often push the trachea, which leads to difficulty in breathing and swallowing, and can even cause hoarseness. It is often caused by a disruption of hormones gland, cysts or a diet low in iodine. According to the characteristics of goiter it can be classified as diffuse goiter, characterized by a steady increase in the gland; nodular goiter or multinodular goitre, which is the development of one or more nodes due to enlargement of the thyroid. Besides, goiter may be accompanied by hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism associated with symptoms such as nervousness, weight loss, cold intolerance, dry skin, among others. If goiter with hypothyroidism usually pharmacological treatment to shrink occurs. If that occurs with hyperthyroidism, can be removed by surgery, radioiodine or treated with drugs.

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