Biopsies are used method for obtaining a portion of tissue or body cells, with the objective of a microscope examination. Can be performed through an endoscope or a lamparoscopia which is introduced into the body (eg, in the abdomen) and obtaining the sample by scraping, cutting or small element removal study by suitable instruments. Some biopsies require full sedation and others simply a local anesthetic, depending on the procedure to be used. The biopsy of the small intestine is the method used to extract a portion of tissue and cells of the body for further analysis and study. This type of biopsy requires full sedation and is performed by inserting an endoscope (small, flexible tube fitted with fiber optics) through the mouth (although sometimes also inserted through the nose). This tube is driven to reach the small intestine of which are interested in obtaining a tissue sample. Thus, one can detect and diagnose possible pathologies of the small intestine.
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