Autism is a chronic neurological disorder that is usually diagnosed in the first years of life of children and primarily affecting development in the area of social interaction and communication. In addition, often they have repetitive behaviors, both in his actions and speech, although depending on the case and severity some autistic fail to speak. The causes of this disease are not known, but the genetic factor plays an important role in its development. In addition, there is no cure for autism, although behavioral therapies and certain medications can help control symptoms. Asperger syndrome can be considered a mild form of autism, as well as difficulties in speech and social interaction, often characterized as people with this disorder have a clearly above-average skills in a particular area (for example, in the calculation) and a remarkable memory for some details. On the other hand, Rett syndrome is a disorder of the nervous system that is often confused with autism and that is a regression in development that mostly affects the handling of the hands and expressive language.