wasp sting allergy

Allergy to wasp sting or bee sting is a reaction to the poison of these insects. Wasps are usually very aggressive and can remove the sting of the skin where the bite occurred to recover, however bees leave you stuck in the skin, where the venom sac begins a rhythmic contraction of the affected pumps. These bites can be very annoying, depending on the area and the sensitivity of the individual, and in some cases can be even deadly. The most common symptoms that occur after a wasp sting are inflammation and pain in the affected area for more than a day, hives, breathlessness, sags, and instability, symptoms that can lead to anaphylactic reaction should be treated with urgency. The cleanliness of the area and the local cold decrease swelling but this is important to remove the stinger from the skin should be present and go to an emergency room to receive the proper treatment.

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