Sun allergy

Solar allergy is a reaction of the skin when exposed to sunlight. Solar allergy is a reaction of the immune system and usually affects people with fair skin, especially children. However, the cause does not lie in the sun, but in the interaction of sunlight with other products (cosmetics, medicines, perfumes, lotions, and even sunscreens), which causes an immune hypersensitivity response. Also, solar allergy may be due to other diseases, such as cirrhosis of the liver or hepatitis, and immune system disorders, among others, such as taking certain medications (contraceptives, antibiotics ...). The most common presenting symptoms are redness, rash (rash, sometimes with vesicles or blisters), and itching. However, the level of involvement and severity of the reaction depends on the skin of each person as well as the exposure time required to trigger the symptoms. Similarly, the doctor will assess what is the best treatment for each case, which may be based on prescription antihistamines and skin preparations or just eliminating the use of certain cosmetics or medications that have caused allergy .

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