Allergy to Animal Hair

Specialty of Allergy & Immunology

Among the many allergies that are detected at present allergy animal hair is due, among other reasons, to the increased presence of these beings in homes. The causes that often cause these allergies are usually small particles of dry skin of these animals, urine and saliva, especially from animals with fur and feathers ( dogs, cats, birds and hamsters ) but you have a genetic predisposition to suffer it. Believing that the allergy is not suffering animals therefore entirely certain but it is the protein that emerges from the skin is dried and sprayed into the air. The most common symptoms that indicate that a person is allergic to these animals are sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, red and watery eyes ( conjunctivitis, even). But in some cases be more severe, causing urticaria, angioedema ( swelling of various parts of the body), contact dermatitis, pruritus ( itching all ) and anaphylaxis ( severe reaction that attacks various parts of the body and can lead to death ). The most suitable treatment for this type of allergy is to avoid all contact with animals and, if required, the administration of drugs.

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