Tinnitus is annoying sounds that are perceived in the ears or in the head but not from any external source, usually are buzzing, ringing or bass or treble sounds that can be heard temporarily or chronic, which are accentuated when there absolute silence in the room. The tinnitus is not a disease but a symptom of other ear pathologies (such as hearing loss), so that the causes that can trigger are multiple and sometimes not come to know. This discomfort is not always associated with a hearing loss, but perceive noises in the ear is very uncomfortable and can cause serious disorders of sleep, daily discomfort, stress, anxiety or depression. Sometimes tinnitus trying resolves the problem that generates it, but in most cases has no solution with medication or with surgery, although you can get the patient to adapt to noise auditory retraining therapy. It is advised to avoid silence and sometimes a headset that generates a sound to disguise the person listening is placed.

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