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Dr. Carlos Guillén Barona

Dermatologist (80)

Acne , Alopecia , Skin cancer, Mohs surgery , Dermatological surgery, Skin patches


Dr. José María Ricart Vayá

Dermatologist (23)

Acne , Hair mesotherapy, Hyaluronic Acid , Laser , wrinkles, Skin cancer


Dr. Rafael Carmena Ramón

Dermatologist (15)

Photodynamic therapy , Psoriasis , Melanoma , Autoimmune Diseases , Skin cancer,


Dra. María Amparo Pérez Ferriols

Dermatologist (90)

Psoriasis , Skin cancer, Solar urticaria, Atopic dermatitis,


Dra. Sabrina Kindem Gómez

Dermatologist (36)

Skin cancer, Melanoma , Skin patches, Mohs surgery , Laser pigmented lesions elimination, Photorejuvenation


Dr. Enrique Gimeno Carpio

Dermatologist (28)

pruritus, Atopic dermatitis, Vitiligo , Psoriasis , Eczema ,


Dra. Angélica Bouret Lebron

Dermatologist (1)

Alopecia , Trichology, Hair Transplantation , FUE technique, Hair Graft , Hidrolipoctasia


Dra. Cristina Corredera Carrión

Dermatologist (24)

Skin cancer, Acne , Botulinum toxin (botox) , Hyaluronic Acid , Hair Treatment , Hyperhidrosis


Dr. Carlos Serra Guillén

Dermatologist (12)

Skin cancer, Melanoma , Nail diseases, Alopecia , Dandruff and seborrhea , Mohs surgery


Dr.Prof. Juan José Vilata Corell

Dermatologist (51)

Cryosurgery, Skin infections , Skin cancer, Acne , Alopecia , Atopic dermatitis


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