Clínica Dental Odontología Avanzada Doctores Navajas

Aesthetic Consultation in
Rincón de la Victoria

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What makes this dental clinic first class

The Dental Clinic of Advanced Dentistry Doctores Navaja is a prestigious center founded more than 40 years ago by Dr. José Manuel Navajas. The team is made up of three generations of a family of professionals who are leaders in health and dental aesthetics. In the clinic of the Navajas Doctors, the knowledge, experience, the latest technology and the familiar treatment of its more than 50000 patients are united.

They have the most cutting-edge facilities and the most current treatments: ozone, pulsed light, plasma rich in growth factors, guided surgery, digitalized image of the smile, tooth whitening of last generation, LUMINIERS lenticular ceramic veneers (being the only US certified clinic ), invisible orthodontics and a high resolution CT scan.

The Navajas doctors have also been dedicated to the Postgraduate Training and to the University teaching of Dentistry for more than 30 years.

In addition, they have an Associated Dental Laboratory that allows constant communication between doctors and technicians in dental prosthetics, giving the clinic a unique advantage.

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 Top Doctors of the centre

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