Doctors from Unidad de Varices y Medicina Vascular de los Dres. Morales y Abadía

Vascular Surgery

Dr. Germán Morales Cuenca

Vascular Surgeon

Areas of expertise:

Varicone veins | Venous ulcer  | Radio frequency treatment | Microfoam varices  | Phlebectomy  | Varicose veins laser surgery


Private messaging 50€

Private message your doctor directly for a personalised consultation.

Video conference 100€

Talk to your doctor in private, through a personalised face to face video conference.

Dr. Fernando Abadía Sánchez

Vascular Surgeon

Areas of expertise:

Lymphedema  | spider veins | Microfoam varices  | Venous insufficiency  | Peripheral Arterial Disease  | Atherosclerosis  | Diabetic Foot

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