Plaza de la Policia Local, 3 (Valencia, Valencia)

The clinic specialises in:

What makes this medical centre first class

Clinic IVI Valencia is a reputed Assisted Reproduction. They have an important team of medical professionals, led by the famous specialist, Dr.. Amparo Ruiz and under the Medical Direction of Dr. Ernesto Bosch. Further; and with the highest cutting edge technology. This ensures its success in the different treatments; whether they are related to fertility problems, women who want to delay childbearing or single women who want to be mothers. IVI Clinic in Valencia treatments are pioneers in artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, egg donation, vitrification óvulosm and the EmbryoScope technique. The clinic has more than ten units that allow personalized attention to patients. Some of these units are: Psychological Support Unit, Genetics Unit, Unit Women's Health, Pediatrics Unit and Male Health Unit.

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