Advantages of bariatric surgery for obesity

Written by: Dr. Ignacio Javier Calleja Kempin
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Bariatric surgery involves making a surgical technique to decrease the stomach's ability to receive food, but at the same time decrease appetite. It can also be associated a technique to reduce the absorption of fats and carbohydrates in the intestine. In fact, there are several types of surgery, applicable to different types of obesity with different associated morbidities or diseases.

These surgeries are recommended for patients with severe obesity and associated diseases or who were unable to lose weight by other methods.


Final results with bariatric surgery

In most cases these processes are definitive, although a percentage of "glitches" that may be attributable to the patient's habits patient or technique performed.

It is evolving surgery, and now you can reach the ideal weight, but in general, if you lose 60-70% excess weight can be a good result in certain cases.

With the recovery of a healthy weight, the patient also gets:

  • Improved risk of metabolic diseases and osteo-articular
  • Decreased lung disease and cardiovascular risk
  • Improved self - esteem (including sexual sphere)
  • Improving social relations

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Recovery and postoperative bariatric surgery

Overall postoperative is good and rapid recovery, especially if you choose to make a tubular gastrectomy 'or gastric sleeve'. So overall, in a week the patient could be doing more or less normal life.


Life after bariatric surgery: new habits

After the operation, the patient should track for life, although increasingly more control periods lengthen. It is crucial that the patient change their habits, both hygienic-dietary and psychological.

The aim is to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet, which are the two main causes that produce obesity. So the patient not only need to modify their diet, but will require further psychological preparation for surgery, which usually is associated psychological support if the patient or the endocrinologist-dietitian will require. Each patient is different and obesity always has an important psychological component.

And the process of bariatric surgery requires both pre- mentalizing as postoperative: learn to be swayed by the dictates of the body and not the mind, avoiding the psychological desire to eat even if not hungry have and being helped by their doctors and family.

If years after bariatric surgery for obesity regain weight becomes excessively, no possibility to apply or associate a new technique, but it is essential to know what is the reason of weight regain to remedy.


Keys to decide to perform bariatric surgery

It should bear in mind:

  • There are several diseases associated with obesity that are impossible to correct without losing weight.
  • These surgeries can be performed from the pediatric to the elderly.
  • That surgery is best performed before irreversible complications appear.
  • That change of life is often incredibly positive after weight loss.
*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Ignacio Javier Calleja Kempin

Dr. Ignacio Javier Calleja Kempin is a leading specialist in general surgery. It is particularly expert in advanced laparoscopic surgery, hepatoblio-pancreatic surgery, laparoscopic surgery esophageal-gastric and morbid obesity. Currently, you have a query in the San Francisco de Asis Hospital and has been Head of General Surgery and Gastroenterology of Chiron Group.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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