Advantages of choosing a water birth

Written by: Dr. Hugo Benito Martínez
Edited by: Top Doctors®

There are many types of birth to give birth to a baby, according to the preferences and needs of the mother and her son. The water birth is an increasingly option chosen in Obstetrics , due to the benefits that this form presents.

In fact, there are specialized centers performing maternal education courses focused on preparing for childbirth in water. Thus, the woman is informed and mental and physically prepared for maternal education classes, is familiar with the tub and the environment in which will be the day of delivery and meet the most comfortable positions.


Why choose to give birth in the water?

The water birth has certain advantages over traditional delivery, and are beneficial for both birth and health of the new baby and his mother:

  • In the first stage of labor reduces pain
  • Reduces the use of epidural and as a result allows greater mobility of women
  • It increases the sense of control and satisfaction of women
  • It allows mobility of the mother, so you can take the most comfortable positions, and those that benefit the descent of the baby
  • With water birth increases the number of natural childbirth, without the use of medical instruments such as forceps or vacuum
  • Take this option also reduces the number of Caesarean sections
  • Episiotomies are performed less in this type of delivery

How childbirth done?

When the woman perceives in labor and is received in the hospital, an assessment by professionals gynecologists is performed: if there is an expansion of 3-4 cm from the cervix, is the time of immersion in water, and contractions will be more frequent and women have a higher pain tolerance in the hot water, about 36,5-37cº. The mother can leave the water and come back when you want.

For this birth be given safely, pregnancy should be low obstetrical risk, the baby should be at all times well so that the mother can continue into the water and control of women will be continuous measuring your heart rate and blood pressure.

If the birthing process takes place within the normal output of the baby will be in the water, although in certain cases professional gynecological may indicate that labor is out of water.


Are there risks in the water birth?

Low-risk pregnant women have similar situations if waterbirth perform as if they do outside it. Thus, there is no evidence that water birth increase any adverse effect on the baby or the woman, as it always attends with special care and supervision of medical professionals to prevent any complications.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Hugo Benito Martínez
Fertility Specialty

Dr. Benito Martinez is a leading specialist in Assisted Reproduction gynecologist who has over 30 years of experience. Currently, e s founder and medical director of the Center for Assisted Reproduction in Marbella (CERAM), besides being the founder of l Institute of Human Reproduction in Colombia and collaborate in the main Fertility Center in the same country. Furthermore, it consists of national and international congresses of the specialty and is a member of different societies.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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