Venaseal: the least aggressive and most effective technique for varicose veins

Written by: Dr. Agustín Arroyo Bielsa
Edited by: Anna Raventós Rodríguez

Venaseal cyanoacrylate sealing is a novel truncal varicose vein treatment system that eliminates saphenous vein reflux in the least aggressive way possible.


What is the Venaseal technique?

It is an endovascular technique that consists of the release of a medical adhesive that causes the sealing and closing of the vein. It has a success rate above 98%.


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What advantages would you highlight from the Venaseal technique?

The main advantage is that, like any endovascular technique, it does not require surgical incision. But it presents some other advantages over the other endovascular techniques.


  • Unlike the endolaser or the radiofrequency, it does not cause tissue or nervous damage since it is not a thermal ablation.
  • It does not require any type of anesthesia, so it can be done outside a conventional operating room.
  • Unlike truncal foam, it does not produce thrombus or pigmentation in the path of the vein.
  • In addition, it does not require the use of therapeutic measures in the postoperative period.


Does the Venaseal technique carry any risk?

The Venaseal technique can be considered the least aggressive technique of all, allowing an immediate incorporation to the work. 15% of the patients develop a small dermatitis reaction in the path of the vein, which disappears in 3-7 days.


Are all patients eligible for the Venaseal technique?

It is important that the patient is evaluated by an Angiographer and Vascular Surgeon , and perform an exploration with color EcoDoppler to determine the degree of their varices and the best therapeutic option.

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By Dr. Agustín Arroyo Bielsa
Vascular Surgery

Leading specialist in Vascular Surgery, current Head of Service in the Hospital Nuestra Señora de América in Madrid. In turn, he is director of the Department of Vascular Surgery and the Aesthetic Clinic ananke. Dr. Arroyo has received numerous awards including the "Fernando Martorell" National Award in 2002 and the Award for the best publication in the journal "Angiology" in the same year.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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