No scalpel vasectomy without needles: an innovative technique and painless

Written by: Dr. Josep Miquel Viladoms Fuster
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What is vasectomy without a scalpel and without needles?

About thirty years ago in China a procedure was designed to perform the vasectomy in a very non-aggressive way. In fact, at that time, with only one child, men had to undergo a vasectomy on a mandatory basis.. To this end, two special instruments were designed, which are currently used in vasectomy, so that it was done quickly and the patient could work on the same day of the intervention.. This procedure, being so positive, has been used later in the rest of the world and in this consists the vasectomy without scalpel and without needles.

How is it different from conventional vasectomy?

The traditional vasectomy makes two cuts with scalpel in the area of ​​the skin of the testicles, however, the vasectomy without scalpel and without needles does not make any cut. Anesthesia is administered through a spray gun, which ensures the absence of pain, which is what most interests the patient at first, because men in general are not usually accustomed to go to the doctor and unless they are operated, so The fewer discomforts we can assure, the better. After this phase, two specially designed forceps are used so that the vasectomy is performed without any problem. With these instruments we get to cut the vas deferens that are the ones that carry the sperm.

Is vasectomy without a scalpel reversible?

Yes, in general, all vasectomies could be reversible if they are performed correctly. In addition, vasectomy without a scalpel and without needles is more reversible, even though it is less aggressive: in fact there is no ligation of the ducts, only their obstruction, in order to avoid discomfort. For this reason, in the case of re-wanting to connect the ducts, the intervention is easier to perform.

When can normal activities be resumed after surgery?

The vasectomy without scalpel and without needles is very non-aggressive so that normal activities can be performed from the same day of the intervention. During the first week we must avoid efforts, so it is not advisable to perform physical activities, more specifically, seated sports such as cycling, spinning or running. But you can drive, work, travel, etc., from the first day.

Does vasectomy without a scalpel and without needles hurt? Do you leave signals?

Vasectomy without a scalpel does not hurt at all. To do this, anesthesia is administered by spray, as mentioned above, because in general men are very afraid of pain and more in this area. It does not hurt at all and neither does it leave any signal. The hole through which the intervention is performed is so small that no point is needed, which, after a week or ten days has been completely closed and there is no sign that it has been operated.

Do you have any possible complications?

All vasectomies in general have some possibility of complication, the most frequent being the infection and the hematoma. However, vasectomy without a scalpel and without needles, as it does not attack or cut, simply makes the intervention through a very small hole without aggression, does not present these complications. In fact, in the last 5,000 cases we have not seen any of these complications.

How long is the vasectomy intervention without a scalpel and without needles?

Unlike traditional vasectomy, which lasts between ten and thirty minutes, vasectomy without a scalpel and without needles is much faster. In expert hands it lasts between 6 - 8 minutes, so the patient does not have time to suffer the typical anxiety of when a procedure of this type is performed.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Josep Miquel Viladoms Fuster

International eminence in the field. Introduced in Europe without scalpel vasectomy technique. Formed in the United States, currently is responsible for Andrology Unit Assisted Reproduction Medical Center Teknon.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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