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In addition to breast implants, cartridge belts, facelifts or rhinoplasties, today in Cosmetic Surgery clinics you can also hear clitoplasty, pubic liposuction or vaginal rejuvenation. And, whether for aesthetics or health, the figures speak for themselves, in Spain have increased by 300% interventions related to the intimate anatomy of women. Intimate surgery has become in recent years and thanks to advances in this field, in almost a specialty within the Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery and is that, far from being something banal, most women come to the consultation by medical reasons, urinary or fecal incontinence, loss of sexual satisfaction during intercourse, vaginal amplitude or genital prolapse (pelvic organs descent), are some of the most frequent problems.Previously hidden problems and that now the woman claims, one of them, the loss of sexual satisfaction, is one of the reasons most demanded by women who come to the consultation and a novelty is, laser vaginal rejuvenation surgery. This technique is indicated for women who have lost the elasticity and control of the vagina. The operation, which is performed with epidural anesthesia, lasts one hour, the patient remains hospitalized 24 hours and as for the couple's relationships the woman can return to her sexual routine in about four weeks, which for most of them will be much more satisfactory.The loss of pleasure during intercourse and urinary incontinence or irritation of the external organs, consequence in most cases of several pregnancies and deliveries by natural means, makes intimate surgery a great ally for women, since during These stages produce changes in the tissues of the mother, which can affect the pelvic floor, which results in discomfort such as: feeling of weight or genital lump, loss of urine, chronic genital moisture and feeling of vaginal amplitude. The pelvic floor is a system of muscles and ligaments that support the bladder, uterus and rectum, and if this puzzle collapses a prolapse (fall) can occur, losing its functionality.The problem of vaginal distension is more frequent than it seems and until now the woman had little information about the possibilities offered by surgery. In this sense the reduction of the diameter of the vagina and the reinforcement of the muscles make the vaginal narrowing one of the interventions, also, more performed.According to statistics, the typical user's robotic portrait is: a 52-year-old woman, very open in her sexual relations, with children, and who wants to recover her vaginal tone.But these women are not the only ones who resort to this type of surgery, but also thirty women who have had several births and no longer wish to have more children or younger girls, than due to the lack of collagen in the vaginal walls. due to genetic causes, they suffer a vaginal distension.Women who have undergone this surgery claim to have regained lost vaginal orgasm, get it in less time and return to have pleasurable sensations during intercourse.

Vaginoplasty allows you to recover pleasant sexual relations again 

In many cases this operation is accompanied by a redesign of the intimate area, mainly to acquire a more youthful appearance, which is used to shape the genital organs, such as the labia minora and the perineum.. In the case of younger women the reason is related, above all, to having large genitals or more bulky than normal. The labiaplasty or reduction of the labia minora is one of the most demanded surgeries (60% of the total of the intimate surgeries). Other women opt for clitoplasty or clitoral reduction, this intervention is performed when there is hypertrophy of the clitoris, which causes discomfort or in the case of advanced ages to rejuvenate their appearance.The increasingly smaller underwear and the fashion of pubic hair removal mean that, more and more women who undergo pubic liposculpture. It is a modern surgical technique that involves removing fat, through small incisions in the skin, using a blunt tipped cannula with holes at its end and connected to a syringe that generates the vacuum needed to suck or suck tissue adipose, which accumulates on the mountain of Venus over the years or due to hormonal problems.The reconstruction of the hymen or hymenoplasty is the least requested intervention, since the reasons for submitting to it are usually cultural or social.For the woman, her sexuality is no longer a taboo subject and, therefore, neither is her body. A very important part of him is his "most intimate part" and for her a new surgery was born ... Intimate surgery.


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