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Written by: Dr. Angel Bigas Bonamusa
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The stress test is a test that determines the cardiological health status of an individual, whether athlete or not. By placing electrodes divided by the chest, we study the potential heart physical capacity and the level of training of the patient and their corresponding possibilities in the face of competition. These electrodes record the heartbeat or pulse, performing continuously EKG.

The test is performed on a treadmill, that increases your speed gradually until the resistance of the subject reaches the maximum. It is worth mentioning that prior to the stress test will be performed to the patient a physical examination and assess their clinical history to see if there was above diseases, eating habits, etc..

Evaluation of the stress test

With the realization of the stress test level is assessed cardiovascular adaptation to exercise. Using a mask also measures the oxygen that the patient takes, while the pulse is determined by the‘ thresholds&rsquo ;, some medical parameters that determine the extent of oxygen consumption. With these numerical values ​​we know the maximum amount that our bodies can take on a high intensity effort.

As indicated above, both normal and patient runners which does sport or sedentary can undergo this test. The test athletes heart to indicate which frequencies should do the different phases of training, while for non-athletes will be more valuable if it is. For these, the actual health status of the patient will be known, which will help prevent disease.

How to make the stress test

The patient should arrive well rested to be tested. Recommendations are doing intense training during the previous 24 hours, and presented without having eaten anything during the two and a half hours before the test performed. Remove the medication from the previous day is also important, for help not to distort the outcome of the stress test.

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By Dr. Angel Bigas Bonamusa
Sports Medicine

Dr. Bigas Bonamusa is a renowned specialist in Sports Medicine and Traumatology. With over 20 years of experience, she is expert in the pathology of knee and shoulder. He currently heads Padel Clinic and Clinic Corridor and cyclist, both in Barcelona. Visit also Clinical Sant Jordi, at Clinica Olivé Gumà and several centers Milenium Sanitas. Collaborates with the Catalan Federation of Padel and participate the "Zona Padel" program on Radio Marca BCN well as People magazine Sport. He is a member of various medical societies such as Spanish Federation of Sports Medicine and the Catalan Society of Medicine Esportiva.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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