Your cosmetic surgery operation

Written by: Dr. Juan Antonio Mira González
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The cosmetic surgery has now ceased to be a luxury, something whimsical. The company has finally understood that a person does not use it to remove or add a few centimeters or grams, but to try something momentous: they produce what we. The subconscious is there almost no manifest, but very sensitive to body image. And insegurizando acts, destabilizing for something that the rest of the world seems insignificant.

To be operated aesthetic has become standard. It's like a journey, a master… an investment in yourself. Lifetime. But it has caught us off balance. Like so many things in this country. I want to help you to be here to avoid one of these sad patients coming to our clinic late and wrong. For that“was not well”. I hope you understand me. And my companions too.

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What You Should Know

- The titration is essential

  • To practice medicine with legal guarantees necessary colegiarse in Spain at the College of Physicians of the province where you wish to work. And to colegiarse as a physician must be the title of medicine legally valid.
  • To exercise legal guarantees cosmetic surgery in Spain is necessary, besides colegiarse at the College of Physicians of the province where you want to work, register as a Specialist in Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic and Reconstructive. And in order to register as a specialist must have the title of specialist, legally valid.
  • This is the guarantee that finally offers the Spanish state. To spare you the consequences of intrusion and fraud. Because today there are about 9,000 Espana physicians who perform interventions plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery without official titling. That requires an examination of MIR and a minimum learning period of five years in a hospital. He has denounced the president of the Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery ( SECPRE ).

->& iquest;Where to find it


For the Public Consultation page of the official website Collegiate General Council of Colleges of Physicians of Spain, created for this purpose: https://cgcom.vuds -

- Experience is essential

The years of medicine

The years of expertise

->& iquest;Where to find it


Years as a doctor: date in the Official Title of Bachelor of Medicine (until now )

Years specialist: date in the Official Title of Specialist in Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive ( today)

- The update is necessary

Index of direct assistance and participation in: Congresses, c ourses, s EMINARS, t orkshops, p ublications, etc.


->& iquest;Where to find it


Each professional teaching activities ( publications, courses, seminars, conferences, etc ) it serves has a medical certificate


- The personal impression is valid

The first visit with the surgeon is essential:

1. -Ve accompanied / a. A (two failed) accompanist of your confidence will help a lot.

2. - Notes: the environment

3 - Listen attentively: the surgeon and his staff

4. - Question: all

5. - Scan: slowly

6. - Rate: serenely

7 - And do not buy cheap: you can be very expensive

8. - And above all they do not sell (expensive or cheap ): Beware mercantile medical...

->& iquest;Where to find it


1. - Prepare a list of your candidates specialists ( on the recommendation of friends, general impression, etc.: forums no.

2. - That list should be a minimum of one, maximum of three (not saturate )

3. - arrange them leaving you think is best prepared for the last visit. You may clear the doubts that have arisen will. And so you can finally choose a better understanding

- Vox Populi: what people, most people say

  1. Internet Distrust: is manipulable

  2. Flee forums: intentionality type who never will know

  3. Beware of advertising: a vacuum payment, decrease your surgeon

  4. Listen to your human environment, all perceived the opinion of the whole society around you (not part of). All not often wrong

  5. And then choose, in this order, the specialist for you (and only you) is more: Human: you arrive, you can really trust; Titled: The titration is today, as always, an essential legal guarantee; Expert: and much. No shortly. Very experienced his profession; Updated: detects that, really, is a day

If you have this in mind, below. Because you enjoyed intensely one of your most important accomplishments as Human Being: your cosmetic surgery intervention


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Juan Antonio Mira González
Plastic surgery

After more than 30 years of experience and 15,000 cases treated, it is one of the most renowned surgeons. He has extensive training, with more than 80 degrees in universities around the world, which keeps abreast of the latest advances in cosmetic surgery. It also collaborates intensively in international research programs, education and humanitarian aid.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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