Treat salivary gland pathology without surgery

Written by: Dr. Carlos Saga Gutiérrez
Published: | Updated: 20/11/2018
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The Gipuzkoa Polyclinic is the first private center of the Basque Country in applying the technique of sialoendoscopia.

The service otorhinolaryngology Dr. And Dr Altuna. Saga, which is in constant innovation, has introduced the technique of sialoendoscopia: thanks to optical millimeter caliber, can now explore and treat the pathology of the salivary glands. The Gipuzkoa Polyclinic is the first private center of the Basque Country in applying this technique.

Thanks to intensive training activity, through participation in various national and international meetings, know firsthand the latest developments in their field techniques. Our patients therefore benefit from the most advanced therapies. The sialoendoscopia is one of the latest techniques we've built.


What is this latter procedure endoscopy?

The sialoendoscopia is the technique that allows the examination and treatment of disease inside the ducts of the salivary glands. Endoscopic techniques are widespread in medicine and particularly in our specialty, but has been from the nineties when companies like Storz been able to develop optical millimeter sizes (up to 0.75mm), allowing us to explore inside the salivary ducts, without the need for open surgery, something unthinkable a few years ago.


New versus old endoscopy

This technique allows the pathology to cure without open surgery, preserving the gland and with a lower risk of complications. Thus avoid the scars and go through a more uncomfortable postoperative. Previously there were two ways: by removing the gland, or no treatment. With this we substitute a complicated surgery and in case of smaller stones, giving a solution without having to wait for many episodes of infection, until it is decided by a surgical technique.


Sialoendoscopia technique endoscopy

This is complex surgery from a technical standpoint that require extensive training and very specific and sensitive material. Therefore, although some centers have the material means to perform this surgery (currently only a dozen hospitals have such material nationally) decide to offer classical techniques have more habit in implementing them.


Results endoscopy

The first cases operated to date we have been very satisfactory. It is very comfortable surgery with postoperative patient, you can go even on the day of the intervention at home. The clinic is solved, the stone disappears and resume normal activity within a few days. The endoscopic techniques change the way you see this disease, becoming open surgery with removal of the gland in the last option

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Carlos Saga Gutiérrez

Leading specialist in Otolaryngology, Dr. Carlos Gutierrez Saga is an expert in vertigo, balance problems, and in recent years has a special interest in endoscopic techniques. He graduated in Medicine from the University of Navarra and the Basque President of Society of Otolaryngology since 2015, and member of many scientific societies of first level as the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. Specialist Polyclinic Gipuzkoa since 1999, combines this activity with the professional work of Optional area specialist at the Hospital of Mendaro. It is also a speaker at numerous courses and conferences.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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