Treatment and prevention of sports injuries

Written by: Dr. Francesc Soler Romagosa
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The concept of sports injury refers to damage that occurs in a given tissue of the body as a result of sports or physical exercise. Depending on the mechanism of injury and the onset of symptoms, experts in Traumatology claim that can be classified as acute or overuse.

sports injury

Most common sports injuries

The most common injuries in athletes are those that affect the muscles and tendons, as are the structures that are subject to more workload during exercise.

Within muscle injuries, which occur more are known as "indirect trauma", ie, those made ​​by self muscular work. Highlight the involvement of muscle fibers, contracture or overload muscula, muscle strain and muscle tears. Such injuries can occur acutely or chronically form when secondary injuries sustained overload sports work for a period of time. As for tendon injuries, tendinitis and tendon ruptures they are the most frequent. Other structures can also be injured during sports are the bones, ligaments and joints.


Treatment for sports injuries

Treating sports injuries depends on the type of tissue that is affected and the time elapsed since the onset of the injury. Mild lesions in the muscles that affect the tendons or ligaments, usually resolved by the sports rest, anti-inflammatory treatment (local and / or oral) and a pattern of functional recovery (physiotherapy). The most serious injuries such as fractures and muscle tears are caused by major trauma during sports practice and might require surgery.

It is true that there are certain people who suffer more sports injuries than others. There are different factors involved in it, such as the physiology of each person (metabolism and age), the type of sport that is done, the intensity with which it is practiced, the time devoted to sport and type of food.


The importance of prevention of sports injuries

The most important factor to avoid a sports injury is prevention. Except for professional athletes, the goal of the sport is to improve the quality of life and enjoy the sport. Avoid sports injuries will allow achieve that objective.

The most important factors to prevent sports injuries are:

  • Have adequate physical preparation the type of activity performed
  • Conduct a preliminary warm-up period before the start of the sport. Similarly, when you hang always take a brief session of stretching of the muscle groups that have worked.
  • Very progressive in increasing workloads, adapting to the physical capabilities of each
  • Use suitable equipment to the type of sport that is done
  • Cesar physical activity to feel pain or fatigue
  • A healthy lifestyle in terms of food, rest and noxious substances, among others

The recreational sport improves the welfare of the person, but this can be turned against it when the limits of our body are overcome by the ambition "to reach more". This is when we begin to experience a host of sports injuries.

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By Dr. Francesc Soler Romagosa
Orthopaedic Surgery

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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