Transdiagnostic treatment group

Written by: Marta A. Giménez Páez
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The transdiagnostic treatment is aimed at anyone who present problems of anxiety, stress and / or sadness. One of its main benefits is the learning that emerges from the group sessions.

group therapy The center of Psychology Human Area transdiagnostic approach makes treatments with three possible formats, according to assess the psychologist / to responsible: individual, group level or mixed format.

Individually, besides attending to the relevant specific aspects, combined with cognitive variables identified as transdiagnósticas, as the tendency to overly worry (concern) or to dwell on past events (rumination).


Mixed: combined with group and individual sessions

At group level, is organized in 15 sessions in which people acquire knowledge about their emotions, their problem, they learn to confront their fears, anxiety, sadness or other emotional states. At the same time, they will be trained in methods and techniques to handle these situations successfully and well-being.

The group format optimizes personal and therapeutic resources providing reliability and versatility thereof, as a training group in which the core components are working in emotional management (interpretation, avoidance and behaviors driven by emotions) in occurs combined with individualized treatment.


Benefits of group transdiagnostic

One major benefit to treatment of transdiagnostic in group format is the learning that arises from the contributions made ​​by other attendees and shared examples addressed in these sessions. This extends the range of examples to identify situations, strategies and ways to deal with more and different situations than those from their individual experiences a person can know. It contributes to learning new and more diverse adaptive responses, increasing the spread of these new ways of dealing with unpleasant emotional experiences.

Moreover, the transdiagnostic approach combined with individual treatment allows to achieve optimize time and thereby reduced economic cost of treatment.


Difference between treatment group and group therapy

The group treatment is not the same as group therapy. Group therapy brings together guided by a / a psychotherapist to help people individually and mutually. The participation and involvement of the members in this mode is basic, since it involves a commitment by individuals within a given group to participate by expressing their problems, feelings, reactions and difficulties and in which others can help.

Furthermore, the treatment group from transdiagnostic sessions resemble training sessions, where participation and involvement is geared to the individual. Participants benefit from shared learning without express feelings or expose your particular situation.

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By Marta A. Giménez Páez

Specialist in Clinical Psychology with extensive professional experience. She is Director of the Department of Research, Innovation and Human Development Area. She is an expert in emotional disorders (anxiety, depression, adjustment problems, disorders associated with trauma and stress factors related to substance use disorders) and job stress. He has worked in various areas of health intervention related to psychological health (migration, gender violence) Master PhD on women and health. It incorporates the gender perspective in psychological treatment of men and women, combining clinical practice with research and clinical intervention in the framework of the prevention and treatment of psychosocial risks in the enterprise.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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