Treatment of the most common sports injuries

Written by: Dr. Abdul Ilah Hachem
Edited by: Noelia Pino García

The sports traumatology is the branch of the specialty of traumatology which is responsible for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of injuries that occur after a certain sport.

sports injury

- Prevention: preventing injuries by stretching, balance and muscle strengthening.

- Diagnosis: The diagnosis is made when, thanks to the clinical experience of medical specialist, explains the symptoms that the patient and their injuries are detected are interpreted.

- Treatment: conservative treatment based on physiotherapy with the time limits for reinstatement to the sport or repairer surgical injuries that require to be addressed to return to the situation prior to sports trauma.


Most common sports injuries

Sports injuries that are treated more frequently in the consultation of an expert orthopedic surgeon in sports traumatology are:

  • Ankle and wrist injuries: sprained ankle and wrist, fibrillar muscle strain or tear, tendonitis (tennis elbow, golf elbow), Achilles tendon rupture.
  • Knee injuries: sprained medial collateral ligament, torn meniscus and anterior or posterior cruciate ligament.
  • Cartilage injuries of the knee and ankle: osteochondritis in adolescents or traumatic osteochondral injury.
  • Injuries shoulder dislocation, cuff tendinopathy and instabilities.

When the trauma is more intense, it may cause more serious injuries such as broken ankle and wrist by a direct impact; or collarbone fracture typical cyclists and motorists.


Treatment of sports injuries

There are different techniques in the treatment of sports injuries, depending on the stage of diagnosis (acute or chronic) and the type of injury.

In the acute phase there are a variety of treatments, such as sports rest with short - term anti - inflammatory drugs, functional bandages that allow everyday life protecting early recovery and physical therapy that is aimed at accelerating the healing process. In cases of acute fibrillar breaks can be useful evacuate the hematoma of muscle and inject Platelet Rich Plasma to speed healing.

Some sports injuries require immediate surgical treatment such as fractures or dislocations. The fractures were treated by open reduction and subsequent placement of plates, screws or nails. Dislocations can be treated with minimally invasive techniques through arthroscopy.

The goal of treatment is always injured patient recovery and return to sport in the shortest time possible. Early physical therapy, minimally invasive surgery via arthroscopy, growth factors and Platelet Rich Plasma: To get this speedy recovery, all techniques are used.


Complications sports injuries

The delayed healing and return to sports is often the most common complication. You can usually happen for several reasons: a delay or misdiagnosis of the lesion with painful scars fibrosis, precipitation return to sports and mismanagement of treatment without respecting deadlines healing.

To avoid these complications is necessary to get an early diagnosis by the specialist in traumatology to apply the most appropriate treatment from day one. Only then healing sport back to the pre-crash level is achieved.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Abdul Ilah Hachem
Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Hachem is a renowned specialist in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology, an expert in arthroscopic shoulder, elbow and knee. With over 20 years of professional experience, she is part of Dr. Moreta Munujos in Barcelona Teknon Medical Center team. It is also responsible for Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery at the Hospital de Bellvitge. He combines his professional work with teaching, being Co-Director of Shoulder Arthroscopy course in Barcelona and serving as a professor at several universities in Spain and Germany. He is a member of various medical societies, among which the European Shoulder and Elbow Society.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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