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Written by: Dr. Fernando Autrán Mateu
Published: | Updated: 16/12/2017
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¿What is the goal of treatment with composite veneers ?The aim of this treatment is to change the appearance of the smile to all those patients who for any reason are unhappy with the same. This treatment can change color, shape, position or size of the teeth of a very fast way and only one session.

¿Who is the ideal candidate to undergo treatment ?Anyone who is unhappy with their smile, conserves natural teeth seen that all the work is done over your own teeth and have a minimum age of between 16 and 18 years, age at which the teeth are fully erupted and with a healthy and stable gum.

¿consisting On treatment with composite veneers ?Is to develop a laminated small on each of the teeth involved in the smile for a new look, as can be change the proportion, size, shape and / or color of the teeth, to get a new and youthful in this new smile.

¿What type of anesthesia is used ?In fact 99% of these treatments are performed without anesthetic because it is virtually painless. It works over your own teeth without first lowered if any, drilled or manipulated. Usually only a little polishing the enamel surface to get a very good adhesion to the tooth veneers and therefore the treatment is painless. No the application of anesthesia is necessary.

¿, In which cases is indicated using this technique ?All cases in which the patient really wants and wants to avoid other longer treatment, such as orthodontics. Basically it is indicated in cases where we want to make a change in color, shape, size and / or tooth proportions achieving some excellent results in only one or two treatment sessions.

¿What results can be expected ?Getting a new smile and meet patient expectations through a new color of the teeth, a new way, a new position and so the patient can get back to smile without complexes and with total satisfaction.

¿When I can resume my normal activities ?From one to two hours after leaving the patient consultation absolutely normal life can only be restricted for the first 24 hours smoking and drinking liquids that can tenir, as in the case of coffee, tea or coca cola between other. For the rest, the patient can eat and drink without any worry and normal life from the time when the treatment ends.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dr. Fernando Autrán Mateu

By Dr. Fernando Autrán Mateu

He is a renowned expert in dental esthetics and design of the smile. This doctor has international recognition for its expertise in composite veneers of which has conducted more than 1,000 cases. He is a professor and director of graduate courses and dental aesthetics.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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