Treating anxiety in adults

Written by: Ana Lucas Prieto
Published: | Updated: 14/09/2022
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What is anxiety?

Anxiety is one more emotion, everyone has anxiety. The bad thing is when that anxiety goes off and anxiety disorder arrives. And what happens ?, Well it is very uncomfortable, because our heart accelerates, because we sweat, we are accelerated, we are nervous, we are restless and be like this for a long time because it is very uncomfortable, it can even limit us in our daily activities. That would be an anxiety disorder, which is triggered anxiety.

What is cognitive-behavioral therapy and EMDR?

The therapy is focused in three parts. The first part would be to stabilize the person, stabilize the symptoms of anxiety and understand how is this dynamic of anxiety, why it is triggered, what it is that makes certain situations because that person shoots. And when that person gets to understand why it is triggered, what are the ideas that come to him, what are the sensations he has and how does that work, what is the effect of that and that dynamics, we have achieved 50%, which is that the person understands what is happening. It's not "I'm out of control and I'm going crazy", but that has an explanation, that would be the first part. Once we have gotten the person to stabilize and understand what is anxiety we would go on to generate skills if you need them, resources, we would go on to understand what their style of coping is, understand how to process different situations and make a restructuring of that part. A restructuring means that sometimes we have exaggerated ideas that make us see reality in a way that maybe is not objective, it would be the second part. And the third part would go to the root of why that person has an anxious style, has a style that generates anxiety. How do we do it? Well, we do it with EMDR, we work at the level of emotions, sensations and ideas. And the last part, would be to finish the treatment and that the person leaves by the door without therapy and without medication in case it was necessary, and can make a normal and happy life.


Is the anxiety cured?

Yes, anxiety is cured and we also do not need very long therapies. What we are going to achieve is that the person develops a new style of coping, develops new skills that maybe did not have. But above all, we are going to get an emotional healing.



*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
 Ana Lucas Prieto

By Ana Lucas Prieto

Ana Lucas Prieta is a specialist in clinical psychology with extensive professional experience in anxiety disorders and eating disorders, in adolescents and adults. From 2002 to present he is Director and Clinical Psychologist in Psycho-health. He is a member of the Association EMDR Spain (psychotherapeutic approach in the treatment of emotional difficulties caused by difficult experiences.)

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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