Treatment of hyaluronic acid on the lips

Written by: Dra. Lidici Santana
Published: | Updated: 07/11/2018
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With age, the lips become thinner and longer, in addition to losing the natural volume and leafiness that usually have. These characteristics cause a loss of joy in our face.

In the Santana Clinic, the aesthetic treatment that we carry out to replace what has been lost over the years depends on the type of improvement the patient wants to achieve and which is better suited to his / her appearance. In this way, the objective will always be to obtain an optimal and beneficial result, far from putting a volume that you have never had and that is unsightly and artificial.



If the inconvenience is with respect to the volume, we replenish the exact level so that it harmonizes with the rest of the face. The method that Dr.. Lidici Santana is to use a specific hyaluronic acid for the lips. Thanks to the special regeneration characteristics of this type of acid, results indistinguishable from the original lips are achieved.

On the other hand, if the question is to have lost the definition and the labial contour , the objective to achieve is the redefinition. In this case, Dr.. Santana uses a type of hyaluronic acid of greater consistency so that we differentiate the white lip from the red one, thus maintaining properties such as flexibility and lip hydration.

Another of the situations that can be propitiated is that what the patient needs is to simply hydrate and nourish the lips. In this case, I opt for hyaluronic acids with higher water uptake. In short, whatever the labial problem to be solved, the ultimate goal is to achieve a natural appearance that corresponds to the age of the patient and with a totally personalized treatment.

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By Dra. Lidici Santana
Aesthetic Medicine

His career has been inspired by the supply of quality treatments using treatment of proven efficacy and safety. Also rejecting any inappropriate treatment that exceeded their powers in more than 50,000 medical and aesthetic treatments performed throughout his career of over 20 years of experience.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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