Laser treatment of pigmented lesions

Written by: Dra. Paz Cerdá Escar
Published: | Updated: 02/11/2018
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The Dra. Paz Cerdá Escar is a dermatologist and belongs to Top Doctors, the select circle of top-level doctors in Spain. Next we will explain the treatment of laser-pigmented lesions.


What are pigmented lesions and why do they come out?

The pigmented lesions of the skin are the skin spots that appear on the face, on the neckline, on the back of hands, especially in people with great sun exposure throughout their lives. They come out by an alteration of the melanocytes, of the function of these melanocytes to form the pigment which are the cells that we have to give us the color of our skin.


Pigmented lesions appear due to an alteration of the melanocytes


There are people prone, what is the cause?

Yes, there are people who are prone, especially people who have low skin phototypes such as 1 and 2 who are blond people with clear eyes.. The cause is permanent solar exposure throughout the year, especially in exposed areas such as the face, the back of the hands and the neckline. Another factor that we have not named are the hormonal factors or hormonal changes that can occur throughout a lifetime, for example pregnancy, contraceptive taking, menopause, which favor the skin cells that make the pigment They work badly, they work weird and skin spots are formed.


What is the treatment and what care should be followed after?

The best treatment there is for skin spots, what we call solar lentigines or senile lentigines, is the laser treatment. The laser allows burning or treating exclusively the stain without the surrounding skin burning. As a complement to this laser treatment, we can sometimes use depigmenting treatments that can be used before, during and after laser treatment.. And you always have to use a total sunscreen that is something that should be in our head, in our mind as a daily cream to prevent skin spots and skin aging.


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By Dra. Paz Cerdá Escar

Dra. Paz Cerdá is a leading dermatologist specializing in cosmetic dermatology and laser treatments. Now it belongs to the Board of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology, besides belonging to other associations because of their recognized professional in the field of dermatology.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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