Treatment with foam sclerosis

Written by: Dra. Cristina Bernal Bernal
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Treating the foam sclerosis involves injection of a foamed sclerosing agent directly into the vein to be treated. This method aims to produce an inflammatory reaction in the vein walls and a consequent fibrosis, ending in the disappearance of the same.


Sclerosis treatment: frothy liquid form vs

foam sclerosis The foam manages to stay longer in contact with the vein to be treated the liquid chemical sclerosis. Consequently, greater success is achieved with less amount of the sclerosing agent.

The foam treatment is carried out in sessions of 30 min., Patterned by the expert in Vascular Surgery fortnightly. The number of interventions is a function of the amount of veins having the patient and response to treatment.


Advantages and disadvantages of treatment with foam sclerosis

One of the most outstanding advantages of this technique is that with it, you can treat all kinds of veins, including the great saphenous axes.

One drawback is that you should stay away from the sun for a month after the session.


Recipients sclerosis treatment with foam: postpartum women

Sclerosis is a disease with a marked closely related to hormonal changes genetic information, in addition to lifestyle. There is no specific and appropriate age for administering the treatment, but it is true that this condition usually appears during the first pregnancy for women. This entails a real hormonal changes for women.

It is advisable to perform this treatment in pregnant and lactating. It would also be contraindicated in patients with a history of thrombosis and severe underlying diseases.


Measures in the postoperative treatment with foam sclerosis

Foam treatment involves neither low nor postoperative strict, since this is an outpatient intervention. After the session, the patient can resume normal activity as normal. Only requires the use of an average for the first 24 hours of operation. In addition, no significant side effects have been reported, although some minor discomfort may occur in the treated area.


Results of treatment with foam sclerosis

The veins removed with this method does not reappear in the treated area. However, being a disease with a high genetic predisposing factors and associated component can not be guaranteed that veins may appear in another territory.

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Dra. Cristina Bernal Bernal

By Dra. Cristina Bernal Bernal
Vascular Surgery

Expert in Angiology and Vascular Surgery, Dr. Bernal is a leader in vascular treatments, aimed at the Aesthetic Medicine. Throughout his training he has made several trips abroad, which has enabled it to become one of the most prestigious doctors in their specialty. It also collaborates with the formation of new professionals with the University of Alcala de Henares in Madrid and through participation and authorship of scientific articles, research, courses and conferences. Currently holds his career in the Felicidad Carrera-Aesthetic Medical Center and Clinic Bioláser La Moraleja in Madrid.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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