Intragastric balloon treatment for weight loss

Written by: Dr. Juan Carlos Silva González
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It is a device placed in the patient 's stomach to take up space and cause satiety. Thus the fulfillment of a diet is easier to lose weight.

Compliance with a diet aimed at weight loss requires great effort, discipline and perseverance. The intention of the intragastric balloon is facilitate that compliance. An inflated balloon in the stomach creates a similar feeling of having eaten, so with little intakes have that feeling of fullness that helps us fulfill prescribed by a nutritionist diet.

The placement of intragastric balloon in the patient performed under sedation. Initially a gastroscopy is performed to study the gastric cavity and rule out possible contraindications. The device is inserted through the mouth, filled with air or serum and is released into the stomach, where it will remain for the time indicated.

Current models are very safe intragastric balloon. Placement under sedation is generally simple and does not cause discomfort to the patient. Is exceptional balloon rupture during treatment. In this case the liquid content release in the stomach and would dye blue urine. It should be taken only endoscopically, similar to conventional removal through the mouth and sedation.


Who is the ideal candidate placed an intragastric balloon?

Any candidate overweight is a candidate for an intragastric balloon. Excess weight is a risk factor for health and increases the chances of suffering a cardiovascular or suffer some cancers accident.

In medicine differs overweight obesity. The usual way of measuring weight gain is by Body Mass Index (BMI), which relates weight and height. which normal weight is between 18.5 and 25 kg / m2 is considered. Between 25 and 30 kg / m2 is considered overweight and from 30 kg / m2 and talk about obesity. The higher BMI, greater health risk.

Depending on the degree of obesity may be more useful a device or other. The intragastric balloon has been particularly indicated in overweight patients or in cases of moderate obesity, ie below 35 kg / m2. However there are no hard and fast rules and each patient requires an individualized diagnosis. The intragastric balloon may be a good temporary option for patients with severe obesity treatment before surgery to reduce the risk during the operation.


How long you should take the intragastric balloon?

The intragastric balloon is a temporary device. It is maintained for a limited time of up to twelve months. However obesity is a chronic disease. That means that an obese patient take that risk throughout your life, unless care with diet and exercise. If relaxes your care will tend to gain weight again. So the intragastric balloon is useful to help patients lose weight while being re-educated in their eating and physical activity habits.

In patients with little overweight and in situations where it seems easier to meet the proposed objective, it may be sufficient to bring an intragastric balloon that lasts six months. However in patients with major overweight or obese, and in those cases that require continued effort, it is advisable to use a ball that has a shelf life of up to twelve months. Dietitian assessment, experience and criteria according to the patient give us the best option.


Can a normal life during treatment?

The intragastric balloon placement is not without discomfort, especially during the first days. Nausea, retching or vomiting and occasional feelings of punctures are common and yield in almost all patients past the first few days. Patients are given instructions to minimize these symptoms and they usually indicates a medicine to protect your stomach. Since then the patient can do normal activity and usually only notice the feeling of early satiety after meals.

It is required that patients with a filling intragastric air balloon avoid diving;. No model of intragastric balloon is contraindicated air travel or any other activity.


¿After removal of the ball, how they can keep the results?

As indicated previously, the ball is a weight loss aid, but mainly aims to help the patient to retrain your eating habits. It makes no sense an intragastric balloon if the patient agrees to fight their excess weight. If during the months that receives that help, fail to eat better and increase their physical activity, the result of weight loss not only be maintained but can improve even more.

As a general rule it is advisable that the patient maintain regular visits to specialist digestive system to not fall back into old habits.

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By Dr. Juan Carlos Silva González

Dr. Silva leads has over 20 years experience in using the most advanced techniques in therapeutic endoscopy. For over 15 years it offers professional service to the citizens of Zaragoza and Aragon. A pioneer in this community for treating obesity by intragastric balloon (with a cumulative experience since 1986). Also here began an experience of endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS) by using miniprobes 2001. It was the first in Aragon in achieving the double-balloon enteroscopy for full endoscopic study of the small intestine. Has extensive experience in therapy of biliary and now to this development POSE technique for endoscopic treatment of obesity without surgery it adds.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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