Personality Disorders

Written by: Gloria Giménez
Published: | Updated: 29/10/2018
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Normally when we hear the word "disorder" referring to our special way of being, our personality or behavior, we think that obviously "does not go with us" since "we are not a deranged person", but the clinical form of definition is not more than a standardized protocol with the intent and sole purpose of defining criteria, in concepts that by their own difficulty, ambiguity and subtlety in themselves need a protocol defined both for their psychodiagnostic evaluation and for their subsequent psychological treatment.

How can we then know for ourselves if we need help? How can we know if our teenager needs it? Well, if we normally use behavioral patterns that deviate sharply from the expectations of our environment and manifest through thought , this is a way of perceiving and interpreting ourselves and others markedly differentiating; and if our emotional responses in terms of intensity, lability and adequacy to the emotional response are prominently disproportionate; if our interpersonal activity and our impulse control are prominently outside the expected patterns in our environment, then it would indicate that something in our behavior is not flowing properly .

The specific personality disorders can oscillate in opposite extremes, from extreme introversion and highly altered self-esteem , to the lack of control of the impulses in the borderline and antisocial personality.

The avoidant and dependent personalities, as well as the ruminative or obsessive personalities , usually come to consultation thinking more about phobic issues than about the possibility of a possible personality disorder, for that reason in many occasions, the problems, if not addressed in depth and only in some of the symptoms can they be recurrent, often going to psychological services on a continuous basis and not solving the basic problem, of the structure of established patterns.

Professor Theodore Millon, Personality Disorder Specialist, is universally recognized as a precursor and competent authority, founder of the Journal of Personality Disorders, with which we have professionally met at international conferences, and with which we have learned over the years obtaining the "expertrice" or know how in these psychotherapies.

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 Gloria Giménez

By Gloria Giménez

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