Sleep disorder

Written by: Dr. Jesús Escribá Alepuz
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Sleep problems represent as a whole the most prevalent medical pathology in our society. Before any sign of being able to suffer it is essential to see a specialist as soon as possible. Today, there are diagnostic means and excellent treatments to solve any sleep disorder .



Sleep is what we do most in our lives and the human body endures worse sleeplessness than hunger or thirst, so it is justified the great importance of good sleep. A good night's sleep is the best preventive treatment to avoid infections. The levels of immunoglobulins (part of the "defenses" of our immune system) are higher in people who sleep more than 6 hours and have a deep sleep .

sleep apnea
A deep sleep of more than 6 hours brings health benefits to our immune system 

Apnea and snoring



In the winter months, the worst weather of the year, our physiology changes to make us sleep more (similar to that of animals that perform hibernation) and thus achieve a better state of health to overcome the cold days free of diseases. Sleeping well during those dates is the simplest and most effective way to get rid of the usual cold. Darkness and low temperatures are two natural inducers of sleep. The lower number of hours of light and the decrease in temperatures during the night make it easier for us to sleep more, although this is not always the case. The cases of snoring and sleep apnea syndrome are aggravated during the cold months due to the higher probability of catching colds, which aggravate the respiratory disorder.



Depression and anxiety



During the winter also the cases of depression and anxiety increase. The lack of sunlight predisposes to suffer, in people who traditionally sleep badly or have mood disorders, the so-called Seasonal Affective Disorder.



A very effective technique for treatment is light therapy under medical prescription. In these cases, we must assess the signs of depression because they are the first warning sign of a sleep pathology and, solving it, our mood will definitely improve. It is highly recommended to expose yourself to the greatest amount of sunlight in the morning and reduce artificial lights to the maximum as bedtime approaches.



Natural remedies for sleeping



Sleep habitat and diet are very important factors to improve our rest in winter. The abundant meals, which help to bring better the cold, are not advisable at dinner since a heavy digestion will interfere with sleep.


Because the weather is usually adverse in winter, some recommended measures are to better condition doors and windows, to do without unstable blinds and to use plugs during the night so that, despite the bad weather, we can have happy dreams.



The abusive heating does not favor an optimal rest. To sleep it is better to do it with several layers of clothes, blankets or quilts, that we can remove or add according to our sensations, that with a heating that can dry out the environment and our mucous membranes, causing us to breathe through the mouth and snoring more. In addition, heating can cancel out one of the key inducers for sleep, such as the decrease in nighttime temperature.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dr. Jesús Escribá Alepuz

By Dr. Jesús Escribá Alepuz

Leading expert in sleep medicine, with specialty in Spain and abroad and participation in various research projects currently heads the Institute of Sleep Medicine and the Dormirbien Portal, providing face consultation services in various clinics and hospitals in Valencia training , Murcia, Cuenca and Madrid, but also remotely via videoconference, telephone and email. He is a leading member of the Spanish Society of Sleep (SES), Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN) and Clinical Neurophysiology (STDF). Expert on alternative therapies for insomnia, sleep-disordered breathing and daytime sleepiness.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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