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Written by: Dr. Alejandro Camps Fresneda
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Nowadays, alopecia affects more and more women, which is why many women resort to a hair transplant to densify the area.. The technique has evolved a lot in recent years, an example is the FUE technique.


Dr. Camps, as a pioneer in follicular transplants in Spain, what induced him to perform the technique of follicular units?

The lack of aesthetics of the previous techniques, called punch , in which grafts of 4mm in diameter were applied and that sometimes were even grotesque. Among others, Merritt, an expert in hair transplantation, decided to split these 4mm units into follicular units and use them for the implantation line.. From there we thought that we could use these follicular units to fill the whole alopecia area or to transplant.


What does the surgery consist of?

The scalp transplant surgery consists of transferring healthy, non-alopecia hair, basically from the posterior and lateral areas of the head, cervical and temporal, to areas where this hair is scarce due to progressive baldness. This is done with local anesthesia and sometimes sedation can be applied, when necessary, to those patients who emotionally find it more difficult to support the procedure that is supported with serenity and with correction.


Nowadays, alopecia affects women more and more



Who is the ideal candidate to undergo this treatment?

The ideal candidate is a person of male or female sex who suffers a permanent alopecia and who has a donor area, both the occipital area and temporary areas, to move follicular units from there to the alopecic area and densify that area in which you are losing your hair.


Is treatment more common in men than in women?

If you asked me this question 10 years ago, I would have said yes, which is significantly more frequent. Nowadays it is still more frequent in men but there is a very noticeable amount of women who benefit from hair transplantation.


Is the transplant always done in the same way?

If we talk about androgenic alopecia or common baldness there are techniques in disuse such as flaps or surgical reductions. What we have today is the FUE technique or the technique known as "the strip". With the Technique of the strip a lot of hair is extracted in a short time and with the technique Was extracted this hair in more time and in smaller quantity. The form of implantation in the alopecic area of ​​the hair extracted by one of these 2 techniques will be the same.


What results can we expect after surgery?

The result we should expect after surgery is that of excellence, both for the technical realization and the distribution of the transplanted hair, that is, it should not be noted that the patient has been transplanted. In the second term we can say that the patient in their expectations should think that until the 8 months have not left all the hair transplanted, so you should not be in a hurry until this date, and despite everything we would say that until the year you can still notice improvements .

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Alejandro Camps Fresneda

Dr. Camps is an eminence in Dermatology. He has more than 30 years of experience in the profession and extensive training in different fields of the specialty. In particular, he is an expert in hair transplant, trichology, Mohs surgery, laser, alopecia, skin cancer or skin spots. In fact, he was a pioneer in Spain in the surgical treatment of skin tumors, with Mohs micrographic surgery, the treatment of dermatological pathology with selective lasers and in hair transplant technologies. He is currently the medical director of Dermalás Dermatological Clinic, located in the Teknon Medical Center.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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