Common Ankle Sprains and bad sprain healed

Written by: Dr. Josep Maria Cabestany Castellà
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The sprained ankle is a very common injury in sports, but also in the games of children, in social and working life. Historically the ligament injury ankle was considered a benign lesion and was treated with conservative methods.

However, up to 40% of cases, the lesion does not heal properly and leave serious sequelae ligaments. This situation, known as“ sprained wrong cure&rdquo ;, is the demonstration that this initial twist is not properly cured because it really was a more complex injury which required a more specific treatment.

The partial or complete ligament injuries usually accompany internal injuries which can be missed in an initial physical examination. Thanks to the arthroscopy, you can explore and be detected and treated properly.

Previously, even with complex studies, lesions of the lateral ligaments of the ankle injury pointed but were considered of little significance and conservative treatments were the“modus operandi” appropriate and recommended.

Joint laxity

However, arthroscopic examinations ankles presenting“sprained badly healed” demonstrate alterations in the joint own debility due to ligament injury that“non league” bone as before and therefore a certain state is created articular laxity. Besides cartilage, capsule, ligaments others... are modified and altered function of each patient and their clinical and functional situation.

The consequences of lax ligaments are technically known as Rubbing syndrome or Ankle Impingement. The friction syndrome may be due to entrapment of the soft tissues or the deformation and alteration of the bone itself.

Arthroscopy allows the repair of ligamentous injuries, making a direct ligament repair or plasty substitution ligaments alterados.Pero addition, also can treat as the consequences associated lesions in cartilage or other structures in the ankle joint. Sometimes in the same arthroscopy can treat the causes and consequences in one time with a form of surgery certainly very aggressive and faster recovery.

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By Dr. Josep Maria Cabestany Castellà
Orthopaedic Surgery

It is one of the leading experts in surgery of ankle and foot, a pioneer in Artrocopia in Spain in 1978. Throughout its more than 30 years of experience has worked for major public and private schools, also part of several scientific societies prestige. Regular speaker of the Congress, courses and symposiums both nationally and internationally in arthroscopy material, especially ankle and other parts of the foot

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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