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Written by: Dr.Prof. Juan Carlos Rivero Lesmes
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What are the benefits of orthodontics?

Orthodontics really is a medical specialty that brings not only aesthetic benefits to the patient, but also benefits in terms of health stomatognathic system, as may be the temporomandibular joint, the periodontal system as well as aesthetic benefits smile in social relationships .

It is in relation to health aspects as well as breathing, ventilation, there are many patients who have problems with sleep apnea and orthodontics helps us solve. occlusal problems, which also generate neuromuscular disorders in the balance of the entire body axis, craniofacial level position, neck, headaches, etc.. Therefore, orthodontics is a medical specialty that provides health and quality of life for our patients.


At what age is recommended orthodontics?

The age to start making a review regarding orthodontics refers is since patients have teeth. Often malocclusions begin as small problems dentally generating malocclusions, poor functions or conversely, are disorders in masticatory function, impaired respiratory function, tongue, lip, which generate bad dental positions and end up being generated, so , after years malocclusion affecting the rest of the stomatognathic system.

Therefore, the ideal for first visits age from early childhood and, as to the possibility of orthodontic movement, there is no age. We can do regarding orthodontic tooth movement at any age. Ideally do, when necessary, orthopedics in growing children to adulthood do not need even orthodontics as everyone understands.


What advantages does the system invisalign orthodontic?

The Invisalign system, I like to call system because it is beyond what a mere technical, provides many advantages today. Not only the aesthetic aspect or comfort, since practically the patient does not notice no one notices that it is worn, but it also allows us to make a thorough diagnosis as to the possibilities that gives us the 3D representation we get with intraoral scanners. And also it allows us to make a previously unimaginable planning because we can do based on the three - dimensional image planning a detailed three - dimensional block by block movements have to do in each of the teeth.

Therefore, today, we are now using it at any age, in any patient who has a problem that has to be solved with an effective system to correct malocclusion, however slight and severe it. We can treat any patient with any disease at any age.


Can you predict the results of orthodontics invisalign?

we are often asked whether it was predictable invisalign when obtaining the desired results system. It is the only system that allows us to compare what we have planned in an accurate and detailed manner and what we have actually taken the retaking records, photographs or intraoral scanner. Therefore, when defining whether it really is predictable or not, it is the only system that allows us to study in a scientific way if we tried to get really we have achieved at the end of treatment. No other orthodontic system that allows us to do so the same.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr.Prof. Juan Carlos Rivero Lesmes

Dr. Prof. Rivero is a stomatologist specialized in orthodontics. Full Professor and Director of the Master's of Orthodontics of IUM and of San Pablo CEU, of the Transparent Orthodontics. Invisalign System and the Master Baja Friction. TIP EDGE. Pioneer in Spain of the Invisalign system is the first university professor to teach the technique. Invisalign Key Opinion Leader and Member Expert Consultant European Advisoty Board Invisalign. He has been invited by the R & D Staff of Align Technology (Invisalign) to present his Biomedical approach to Orthodontics. Diploma Member of the Spanish Society of Orthodontics. Lecturer at national and international level, he has published numerous orthodontic articles.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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