All you need to know about Lingual Orthodontics

Written by: Dr.Prof. Juan José Alió Sanz
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Lingual orthodontic treatment upward

More and more patients attending consultations concerned about their smile and looking in orthodontics the solution to your problems. But once you have decided to put device, comes another conflict: "I do not want you to see me brackets". Today's dentistry offers treatment also adapted to these patients: lingual orthodontics.


What is lingual orthodontics?

Lingual orthodontics is one in which the brackets are placed on the inner side of the teeth, making it invisible to the naked eye treatment. They are very similar to traditional dynamics although the structure of these is more fine not affect speech and chewing.

What are the advantages of lingual orthodontics?

The most prominent for patients who opt for it is aesthetics, as one of the solutions more hidden level corrector Orthodontic treatment. In addition it must emphasize that this is a very comfortable since orthodontic brackets are slightly smaller to also be the surface on which are placed. That makes minimizes problems with sores and wounds typical of the early days after placement of the brackets.

To this one might add one more aspect. Once the specialist in dentistry and stomatology puts the brackets on the inside of the pieces, all the changes that occur in the alignment are more apparent as seen from outside when we brackets on the outer side and these impair vision. This is a particularly important aspect to patients that do not initiate treatment too convinced. Appreciate these changes so clearly encourages them to continue the process with more enthusiasm.


What disadvantages of lingual orthodontics?

Primarily a highlight the difficulty for cleaning. Hygiene brackets is not simple and it is vital to follow the appropriate treatment phases and have the results we want. At conventional apparatus own difficulties, in this case we have to add that the pieces are smaller-which hinders the brushes enter the hollow interdentales- and their situation on the inside makes it possible not visible to the naked view the remains that are left in the machine. In this regard, an intensive and thorough tooth brushing and mouthwash silk help complete the daily hygiene. To this is added it takes longer to complete treatment to be smaller pieces, and it is a much more expensive treatment. Another disadvantage is that sometimes can hinder isolated phonation and cause ulcers on the tongue.


When do lingual orthodontics is used? How much? How long does it last?

It can be used in all cases where conventional orthodontics is indicated. It is especially important for people who need their aesthetic look as little affected as possible.

Prices vary widely from orthodontic clinics to other. Overall, the tongue has a higher price, because the materials are more expensive and require more consultation with the orthodontist to adjust the brackets. As for the time, the average is between 25 and 30 months, although the conclusion of treatment requires a few weeks than traditional orthodontics.

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By Dr.Prof. Juan José Alió Sanz

Dr. Alió Sanz is one of the leaders in orthodontics worldwide.


Doctor of Medicine and Surgery and a specialist in Orthodontics. It has a large number of international publications and is the author of two reference books among orthodontists.


He combines his professional work with teaching, being Professor of Orthodontics at the Dental School of the UCM and co - director of the master of orthodontics at the Complutense University of Madrid. He is the creator of the patented product ORTHOSPEED to reduce the duration of orthodontic treatment.


With over 30 years experience Prof. Dr. Juan J. Alió has the most modern facilities in Madrid orthodontic treatments offer the latest technology, applying the latest scientific and technological advances in orthodontic treatment in all therapeutic possibilities .


Account with a multidisciplinary team to perform orthodontic treatments and orthognathic surgery, orthodontics and periodontics and implantology. If you are looking for orthodontic treatment with braces, this is your specialist.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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