All you have to know Bladder Cancer

Written by: Dr. Enrique Pérez-Castro Ellendt
Edited by: Top Doctors®

This cancer is the fifth most men suffer in developed countries, after prostate, lung, colorectal and stomach. Each year 357,000 new cases occur worldwide between men and women.

The bladder is a balloon-shaped organ in charge of storing the urine, until the brain gives the order. All our bodies are composed of cells that divide to replace regular aging and. When these mechanisms are altered renewal, cancer cells are generated in the bladder tissue.


What are the causes of bladder cancer?

Currently, a specific cause is unknown, but the disease has been linked to several factors. The snuff is considered the risk factor that most affects as carcinogens in cigarettes are filtered by the kidneys and concentrated in urine, connecting directly to the bladder. Analgesic abuse, excessive consumption of tea or coffee, personal history oe xhibition certain industrial toxic (rubber, oil, etc.) are some of the causes.


How is it diagnosed?

The main symptom is blood in the urine and the same color can vary (pale pink to red), depending on the amount of blood containing. In addition, patients often have pain or burning with urination (less frequent than bloody urine disease).

If the patient observes any of these symptoms should see a specialist to perform the necessary tests. Some of these symptoms may appear benign diseases so it is convenient to wait for the results before taking cancer. Ultrasound and cystoscopy are the most important tests to visualize the inside of the bladder and kidneys. The first through the use of high frequency sounds and one entering through the urethra, a tube (cystoscope), which gives its name to the test.


What is your treatment?

The treatment is identical in both sexes. When the tumor is still surface it can be performed by transurethral and usually with epidural. A device (resector) into the bladder to size reduction or removal of the tumor is introduced if it is too large.  

Bladder cancer is very difficult to prevent, but we can avoid snuff consumption and exposure to the aforementioned toxic and follow a balanced diet without taking too much coffee.

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By Dr. Enrique Pérez-Castro Ellendt

Celebrate urologist at national and international levels, promoting the application of lithotripsy and percutaneous nephrolithotomy in Spain. This considered the father of ureteroscopy, since it was he who patented the rigid ureteroscope, an instrument that revolutionized the world of Endourology. Winner of numerous awards, including highlights, recognition"Enrique Suender"2013 the most important of the year in Madrid Urologo.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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