All you need to know about septorhinoplasty

Written by: Dr. Xavier Barceló Colomer
Edited by: Top Doctors®


What is one septorhinoplasty?

The septorhinoplasty is surgery consisting of different phases. The first is the correction of the nasal septum. It is known as septoplasty and involves making an internal incision and correct the nasal septum. Usually combined with the reduction of the lower commit, solving the deviation of the nasal septum and turbinate reduction of nasal breathing is improved.

The second phase is rhinoplasty. It tip and nasal dorsum is corrected, ie, the outside of the nose. the closed rhinoplasty technique in which an incision is made in the nostril through which uses the cosmetic deformity is corrected. There is also the open or external rhinoplasty with which an incision is made in the nasal columella and the entire tip and the nasal dorsum is exposed.

Because both techniques have certain drawbacks, the technique created Dr. It barceló presented at the American Congress of Plastic Surgery Boston 2010. This technique can expose the entire tip and nasal dorsum without external scarring, because they can perform the same maneuvers in external rhinoplasty without any technical limitation. In addition, you can check immediately aesthetic results thereof.

Is it painful?

The operation itself is not painful, although there is usually a sense of dullness with interocular oppression with mild pain. Postoperatively it is a bit hard because four days after the patient has nasal packing that generates a significant anxiety.


What type of anesthesia used during surgery?

Always it performed under general anesthesia because it is much safer and comfortable. If done under local anesthesia it is most unpleasant and, at the same time, dangerous for patients.


At what age you can do?

It is advisable to do from 18 years for two reasons:

  • It has already completed the growth period
  • mental maturity is needed to support the potsoperatorio. Although this is not painful, it is difficult from the emotional point of view because during the four days the nasal blockage can not sleep well is done and there is a feeling of anxiety.


Are there scars?

If this technique is used septorhinoplasty there remains no scar. There is a slight hematoma that disappears two weeks after surgery about. Why they have to plug the nostrils during the postoperative? When the nasal septum is corrected there is a risk that bleeding occurs, thereby requiring nasal packing for four days. On the other hand, when the patient wearing a nasal packing which is removed at 24 or 48 hours is that the functional work that has been done is minimal.


Why postoperative can not wear glasses?

If a septoplasty is performed alone or combined with a correction of the nasal tip during surgery can wear glasses without any inconvenience. However, if an osteotomy is done to correct the nasal bone pyramid is advisable to avoid glasses during the first six months and resting on the line of the osteotomy.


How long is expected to sport?

From two weeks of operation can be practiced abdominal, stretching and cycling. To go running is advisable to wait a month depending on the surface.


You can smoking after surgery?

Although smoking is advisable not to do so because of the disadvantages of nasal packing.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Xavier Barceló Colomer

ENT specialist, Dr. Barceló Colomer is an acknowledged expert in septorhinoplasty. He has designed a unique technique septorhinoplasty presented in Congress The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, held in Boston in September 2010. This technique involves creating a harmony in the nose making a set of aesthetic and functional improvements. Dr. is also a specialist in the study of sleep and in the treatment of most nasal diseases such as nasal respiratory failure, polyps, chronic sinusitis and headache, among others. He currently serves as Clinical ENT Tarradellas Diagonal and Medical Center.




*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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