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Written by: Dra. Alessandra Ortiz Alves
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The splint, also called plaque, occlusal shock or deprogramming is a device tailor - made ​​for specialist dentistry that aims to diagnose and treat diseases related to clenching and / or grinding, including muscle overload caused by these habits.

Composition of ferrules download

The splint is a device made of hard or rigid resin, with a certain thickness without occlusal brands (molars and premolars), which are placed in one of the dental arches to not touch teeth with the other.

Thus the jaw splint can lead to a proper position to avoid the wear of the teeth. However, it should be noted that this device avoids possible muscle aches and protects teeth from wear, fractures, recessions, trauma, overload, etc., but not just with the habit of clenching or grinding teeth.


How to use and maintain download ferrules

Being a complex treatment, it is important that the patient collaborate to suit your application following a series of instructions. First, the patient should be placed finger splint, always wet. It is important not to bite on the plate until it is well placed, as it may break or cause injury to the gums. At the time of removal, you have to pull the two sides, also with fingers, and then wash it and keep it in a damp place.

At first, the patient will notice the following symptoms when using the plate:

  • Feeling occupation
  • Increased production of saliva
  • Difficulty speaking, so it probably will need training to vocalize correctly
  • Some discomfort in the area where the splint rests

If these symptoms increase or disappear in four or five days or if wounds are formed, we must return to the query.

It is necessary to be reviewed regularly to make adjustments and repairs, at the intervals recommended in each query, but never allowing more than six months without revision.


How to clean the ferrules download

The splint should be kept clean just as teeth, so it is important to brush it after use with a brush and soap or toothpaste. If this is not done, the plate may acquire bad taste and odor.

In addition, the ferrule must be immersed in water with an effervescent tablet for cleaning dentures one or two hours, at least once a week. Before donning again, should be cleaned well with brush and toothpaste.


Complications splints download

If the splint takes a few days without being used and when a patient puts it back and it hurts, should not be forced placement, but call the query so that the necessary corrections are made. It is important to remember that only the dentist can modify the splint because it is who has prescribed and adapted.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Alessandra Ortiz Alves

Dr. Ortiz Alves is a renowned expert in dentistry city of Malaga. She has a degree and a doctorate in dentistry from the University of Seville. It also has a Master of Oral Medicine and a University Diploma in tissue regeneration techniques for Sevilla.También University has several courses and diplomas in various dental specialties: oral medicine, periodontal surgery and soft tissue management, dental prosthetic rehabilitation, implantoprótesis and dysfunctional pathology of the oral cavity, among others. Currently holds Dental Clinic Cuevas Queipo. Moreover, he has been associate professor of the course, diploma and Master of Oral Medicine at the University of Seville. It has more than 47 scientific papers and two 2 awards at national and international conferences related to the disciplines of Periodontology, Oral Medicine, prostheses and implants.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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