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Written by: Dr. Carlos Javier Ruiz Lapuente
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The Dr. Carlos Javier Ruiz Lapuente is ophthalmologist and belongs to Top Doctors, the select circle of top-notch medical Espana. As an expert in diabetic retinopathy we explain the details of your treatment and surgery.


¿That is the retinopathy ia diab ethics ?

The diabetic retinopathy is a group of diseases characterized by difficulty in circulation in the center of the retina, especially. This difficulty will give us that bleed or transfer of liquids or cholesterol developments in the central part of the retina. In the latter case would talk of exudative diabetic retinopathy, very typical of older people. These changes involve a major cause of vision loss in the western world.


¿Qu intomas presents


One of the problems is bringing diabetic retinopathy is your Late diagnosis. So long as resources for early diagnosis mobilized. Therefore, the first phase of diabetic retinopathy may well be asymptomatic, eye injuries evolve to more advanced stages where the treatment will be more complex. Symptoms are usually given by blurring of vision or total loss if young diabetics with type 1 diabetes mode.


¿In qu e is the treatment


The Treatment of the various forms of diabetic retinopathy and its various phases has dramatically evolved over the past 10 years. The mainstay of treatment becomes again the laser, which is a form of light applied and focused on certain points we can allow either regenerate the flow of liquids through his or remove defective tissue generating what we call this growth factors vessel. Diabetic retinopathy also has been enhanced by the influx of new types of treatment with infiltrations intra-ocular, which are usually cortisone or are also so-called“anti vegf&rdquo ;, flirting with the aforementioned laser treatment and complement to determine that finally the diabetic retinopathy in their various forms, are no longer the leading cause of vision loss in developed countries.


¿In qu e is surgery


The surgery has a complementary value to treatment with injections or laser, which are the standard treatment for diabetic retinopathy. Surgery may be needed to accompany well with other measures of cataract surgery or glaucoma, those other diseases that accompany diabetic retinopathy. Finally, in itself, diabetic retinopathy and membrane formation in the central part of the retina to be treated with the technique called vitrectomy. In all eye surgery techniques should be used instrumental single use.


¿Qu e care should a person with diabetes


A person with diabetes should attend directed by your endocrinologist and your GP. Fundamentally therefore refers to the lifestyle you should incorporate some physical exercise, adapted to the age and condition of the patient, and finally must address food and endocrinological procedures on patient management advice.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Carlos Javier Ruiz Lapuente

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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