focal therapy of prostate cancer

Written by: Dr. Bernardino Miñana López
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Focal therapy for prostate cancer is a new strategy to address this pathology. It is selectively destroy cancer within the prostate, preserving healthy tissue. If diagnosed early it is estimated that one out of three or four patients could benefit from this therapy.

Focal therapy for prostate cancer: what is

Patients with localized prostate cancer is not high risk face the difficult situation of choosing between active monitoring and radical treatment (radical prostatectomy or radiotherapy). The latter provide maximum guarantees of disease control, but with significant risk of causing side effects, mainly impotence and urinary incontinence.Focal therapy is a strategy, still under development, which it complements the current choice. It involves the selective destruction of cancer within the prostate, preserving healthy tissue, which functions compromised by radical treatments are preserved.This paradigm shift is similar to that carried out in other tumors, such as breast, kidney, liver or lung, among others.


What steps are necessary to know if you can be a good candidate?

The first step is to achieve visualize the tumor. This requires a multiparametric MRI, which should be performed and interpreted by an experienced radiologist is used. Then it should proceed to make, by one skilled in Urology , a directed biopsy to check that said lesion actually corresponds to the tumor and in the rest of the prostate tumor there is no significant. Maximum accuracy achieved with the transperineal biopsy techniques that allow, in real time, merging images of resonance with ultrasound.


How to destroy the tumor

There are different techniques (electroporation cryotherapy, radiofrequency, HIFU, etc.) capable of destroying the tumor. We use electroporation because it produces irreversible thermal damage and can control the range with high accuracy. All our patients so far have retained potency and continence.


Focal limitations of prostate cancer therapy

The main limitations associated with focal therapy are related to the diagnostic and therapeutic precision and with the fact that many tumors are multifocal. For maximum accuracy we perform biopsies guided transperineal image fusion resonance and ultrasound.The fact that prostate cancer is usually multifocal, conditions that unfortunately not all patients may be candidates. We know that in our country about 25% of operated patients have unilateral, accessible tumors focal therapy. Therefore, if diagnosed in time, one out of three or four patients could be beneficial for focal therapy.


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By Dr. Bernardino Miñana López

Dr. Miñana López has extensive experience in urological pathologies and oncological treatments, especially in those related to the kidney, bladder and prostate. He has an extensive care and research trajectory. He was Head of Urology at the Morales Meseguer Hospital in Murcia for 19 years and in 2014 he founded the Urological Corporation of the Mediterranean ( ), dedicated to the provision of multidisciplinary urological services, which is a pioneer in the focal treatment of prostate cancer In our country. After more than 25 years of experience, he also dealt with the training of future professionals, directing the Chair of Urology at the Catholic University San Antonio de Murcia . In addition, he participates as a collaborator and lecturer in various charities. He is currently Director of the Oncology and Prostatic Diseases Area of ​​the University Clinic of Navarra in Madrid.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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