Written by: Dr. Pablo Umbert Millet
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Rosacea is a chronic dermatitis that usually presents in the form of buds with the appearance of redness. Normally, it manifests in the convexities and central areas of the face such as nose and cheekbones. In order to know a little more about this skin problem and the latest advances in its treatment we have consulted with Dr.. Pablo Umbert.


Rosacea usually begins with the so-called flushing , a reddening of the face that may be transient or permanent, caused by triggers such as changes in temperature, excitement, intake of alcohol or certain foods. A second phase is the appearance of spider veins, edema, papules or pustules and, finally, the third phase is the granulomatous, an inflammation of the blood vessels that can affect blood flow to different tissues and organs producing for example the thickened nose.


Causes and prevention of rosacea

Investigations about rosacea and its causes are advancing with magnitude in just a few months away. This type of chronic dermatitis is due to different factors such as: an inflammatory process of neurovascular dysregulation, the sebum of the sebaceous glands and the hormonal and genetic fluctuations.

We can only avoid the triggers of rosacea and treat it early to avoid its evolution with greater intensity.


News in the treatment of rosacea

The news about the treatment of rosacea are abundant thanks to the greater knowledge we have of this physiopathology. The application of new topical molecules such as ivermectin antiparasitic agents, retinoids, anti-inflammatories, antioxidants or the adrenergic receptor brimonidine, which acts on the smooth muscle fibers of capillaries, can help in the elimination of this skin problem. Another type of treatment is the lasers chosen according to the diameter of the capillary.

The individualized master formulation will vary for each patient in direct relation with the non-cardio-selective beta-blocking oral treatments. The improvement and cure of some cases will depend on correct treatment and close control of the patient.

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By Dr. Pablo Umbert Millet

Eminence international specialty and expert in Mohs surgery. It was Doctorate Cum Laude and in more than 40 years of experience, he has held positions as Chief Hospital Clinico San Luis de Paris. In Spain, besides being a university professor, holds his private clinic and Professor of Dermatology Service, University Hospital Sagrado Corazon.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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