Adductor tendinitis in soccer players: why it occurs and how to go

Written by: Dr. Fulgencio Molina Zapata
Edited by: Patricia Pujante Crespo

Adductor tendinitis are injuries that occur at the level of the adductor muscles inserting the lower limb. They can occur by improper technique or mechanism in support abnormal foot hitting the ball. Once the diagnosis is studying the best way to address the injury, have an important role physiotherapy treatment.

Adductor muscles in the lower extremities

The adductor muscle is a group of muscles that originate in the area of the symphysis pubis and run along the inner surface of the femur where they are inserting: there is a greater adductor, medium, smaller, there is another set of muscles that along with these, the they do is bring the lower limb to the midline of the body.


Adductor tendinitis

The most frequent injuries are adductor tendinitis. They originate mainly in its higher insertion in the pubis. Very often they are seen this type of football injuries for a bad mechanism in the art (in the shoot), or abnormal foot support when the kick is given the ball. Sometimes because there is a difference of countervailing forces between the abdominal muscles and these muscles.

The production mechanism of injury can occur when it hits the ball, as the foot makes a full extension, adduction, an approach to the midline of the body and also there is an internal rotation hip and this produces a voltage in the insertion of this musculature.


Addressing adductor tendinitis

When this injury occurs acutely have to momentarily stop sports training and necessary physiotherapy treatment. There are many methods of rehabilitation. Physiotherapists football teams are sufficiently prepared and are the right hand of sports doctors and orthopedic surgeons sport to address this injury immediately: different types of massage, cryomassage, etc.

When this damage becomes chronic and inguinal pain appears initially but over time progresses and extends into the abdominal face or to the inner thigh, it may be indicated surgery. The chosen technique is a partial tenotomy of the insertion of this muscle at the level of the groin, to release that tension that causes intense pain in the action hit the ball movement.


Edited by Patricia Crespo Pujante

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dr. Fulgencio Molina Zapata

By Dr. Fulgencio Molina Zapata
Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Molina is an expert and Master in Sport Traumatology reputed. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Murcia, specializes in emergency medicine. Constantly training, also has a master's degree in sports traumatology and is an expert in treating injuries of karate and martial arts. He currently serves as Deputy Medical Service Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology Hospital Chiron Murcia, where he is also head of the emergency department. He is also a medical service Sport Sport traumatology Clinic Ripoll and Prado consultant and member of FIFA F-MARC in Sport Clinic Ripoll and Prado FIFA Medical Center of Excellence. On the other hand, he is the author and co-author of numerous publications and books on Sports Traumatology, especially about injuries in karate and soccer.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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