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Written by: Dr. Josep Maria Cabestany Castellà
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& iquest;'s ankle tendinitis


An ankle tendinitis is inflammation of some of the tendons that surround the ankle joint.

To better understand these injuries occur because we think they are worth explaining tendons and act as. At the ankle, gather in little space operating tendons in the ankle itself in the foot and toes, each with its specific functions. We tendons in the front of the ankle– extensor tendons of the fingers, the thumb and ankle: called tibial above, on the back of the Achilles tendon and the flexor hallucis longus tendon on the inside of the flexor digitorum and tibialis rear and external lateral part or both peoneos tendons.

Tendons are transmitters muscle strength needed to mobilize the joints. When an overload occurs some tendon, tendinitis talking about it.

This can come overfunction produced by an excess in their work, especially in sports overload with a bad program adaptation or progression or because the foot, toes, ankle... etc biomechanical work under poor conditions as a result of poor support plant, a capsular lesion, or ligament, a previous fracture, osteoarthritis... causing a neighboring hipersolicitacion tendons, with consecutive overload.


& iquest, is it different from a sprained


Too often we talk about confusing ankle tendinitis tendon injuries with ligament injuries. An ankle tendinitis is caused by an overload of one of the tendons. We have already commented that the tendinitis may result from an alteration in the function, excess or because of alterations in the osteo -muscular system of the patient causing improper operation of the tendon.

One of these alterations are precisely ankle sprains, especially the torn ligaments that often go unnoticed and are mistaken for sprains. That is, strains or ligament sprains may involve Listing added tendinitis if not properly resolved.


& iquest, As you can treat tendinitis


First you have to know how to identify the causes that produce. If it's a sports overload must correct the factors involved in it: an overweight, poor hydration, poor sequence of effort, a plan inadequate progression, poor physical condition for the kind of training, a bad shoes a Bad ground...

As has already occurred tendonitis is to rest the tendon should, and aid for inflammation and pain. When the yield spasm and pain, you should make a plan of progressive stretching and resume exercises after potentiation. This should follow a plan physician and well established physiotherapy to prevent exacerbations or relapses.


& iquest;What precautions should we take to prevent tendinitis


The most common are those produced by a little physical activity or poorly regulated. It is very important that before restarting a sport or prepare for a little discipline practiced activity, an effort to meet the physical and health benefits status of the patient to be able to recommend a suitable plan of work, which may include monitoring health check is performed dietician, physiotherapy, podiatry ortho... etc.

In patients and athletes regular practitioners, plans muscle before and after training programs are crucial to avoid stretching the tendon overload. Obviously, for each sport should do some stretching certain function of the tendons work.

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By Dr. Josep Maria Cabestany Castellà
Orthopaedic Surgery

It is one of the leading experts in surgery of ankle and foot, a pioneer in Artrocopia in Spain in 1978. Throughout its more than 30 years of experience has worked for major public and private schools, also part of several scientific societies prestige. Regular speaker of the Congress, courses and symposiums both nationally and internationally in arthroscopy material, especially ankle and other parts of the foot

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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