Techniques to treat muscle injuries, tendons and ligaments

Written by: Dr. Nestor Zurita Uroz
Published: | Updated: 20/02/2020
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Injuries to tendons, ligaments and muscles are common in elite athletes. Percutaneous Electrolysis (EPI), infiltration of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) or collagen injections treat enable excellent results. After that, by an orthopedist, physical therapists and rehabilitation trainers also intervene.

In the world of sports injuries of tendons, ligaments and muscles are common. In swimming, although not enough, also they exist, and care of elite athletes is essential.


Techniques for treating sports injuries

Within the protocol for treating such injuries in swimmers, there are two basic axes. On the one hand, it is essential for broad technical knowledge of muscle-tendon injuries, as well as using the latest technology through direct diagnosis with ultrasound. On the other hand, note the need to apply the latest techniques for treating muscle tendon and ligamentous injuries. These techniques include:

- Percutaneous Electrolysis (EPI). It consists of the application, by puncturing, a low voltage galvanic current, which is therapeutic to stimulate tissue repair injured. This technique is performed under ultrasound control. In addition, the use of block anesthesia makes this technique is painless, which allows the use of higher doses and, therefore, facilitate the process of repairing damaged tissue.

- Infiltration of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). Our system prevents any manipulation of blood taken from the patient, which minimizes largely, complications in the use of this technique, such as infections. Furthermore, the membrane system device ensures a platelet concentration of between 6 to 8 times the normal concentration, allowing to obtain therapeutic results with a single infiltration. In this technique direct vision technique is used, such as ultrasound, to ensure infiltrate the place to be repaired.

- Injections of collagen. We are pioneers in the use of this technique to promote the repair of injured tissues. These infiltrations are also made under ultrasound guidance and therapeutic results are excellent.


Multidisciplinary team to treat sports injuries

Importantly , the orthopedists sports work together with other professionals and multidisciplinary. Specialized in this type of injury physiotherapists will complete the treatment and described in order to restore the damaged tissue to complete recovery. Also, rehabilitation trainers and coaches work in order to return the patient to their usual physical activity under all the above process only by Dr. Zurita and his fellow professionals.

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By Dr. Nestor Zurita Uroz
Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Nestor Zurita Uroz is a leading specialist in traumatology. Has extensive experience in sports traumatology and now and since 1997, is a doctor of the Spanish Selection of Swimming. Throughout his career, the doctor also specialize in shoulder surgery and minimally invasive and arthroscopic techniques. All these experiences combined with his work as editor of Latin American Journal of Arthroscopy and Sports Traumatology.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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