Technical maash, advances in hip replacements

Written by: Dr. Felipe Gerardo Delgado López
Edited by: Noelia Pino García

The MAASH technique is a hip prosthesis surgery , that is, it is the primary replacement of the hip by a prosthesis.. This is one of the most relevant surgeries since it improves the quality of life of people.

hip prosthesis technique Despite advances in materials and new prosthetic designs, certain complications such as dislocation of implanted components, loosening and infection remain. The MAASH technique, presented in 2013, is a new work philosophy that is based on the preservation of the fundamental stabilizing elements of the hip.

This technique is not a new surgical approach, but is a method based on the preservation of the stabilizing and essential elements of the hip joint.. Maintains the natural biomechanics of the hip, changing the classic concept of prosthetic balance based on the muscles by the concept of capsular balance .


Advantages of the MAASH technique

When the specialist in Traumatology implant a hip prosthesis using the MAASH technique, the chances of dislocation are minimal and the duration of the implanted components will probably be greater.

Among the advantages offered by this technique are:

  • High stability of the prosthesis with minimum probability of dislocation
  • Control of the difference in length of the lower extremities
  • Requires a shorter time of entry. The hospitalization is approximately three days.
  • Quick recovery that allows quickly return to routine and professional activity.

Who can undergo the MAASH technique?

All those people who do not present contraindications for a hip replacement by prosthesis can benefit from the MAASH technique.

It is indicated for people who have not been operated on hip prosthesis surgery previously. That is, it requires that the hip capsule be intact. On the other hand, it is ideal for people with hip osteoarthritis who wish to continue practicing sport.

By not depending on muscle balance but the capsular, allows it to be used in cases of high risk of dislocation such as people with neuromuscular diseases, dementia, trisomy of Down, intracapsular fractures of the hip and rescue of failed osteosynthesis of fractures of the Femoral neck, among others.



*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dr. Felipe Gerardo Delgado López

By Dr. Felipe Gerardo Delgado López
Orthopaedic Surgery

A specialist in Traumatology, Dr. Delgado López has more than 25 years of experience in the profession and an extensive training in different fields of the specialty. In particular, Dr. Delgado is a great expert in arthroscopic and prosthetic surgery of the lower limb. In this sense, it develops the new MAASH technique (Modified anterior approach for stable hip), which has been awarded at the national level. Throughout his career he has combined his assistance with teaching, being an adjunct professor in the chair of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology (Pre and Postgraduate), at the University of Cauca, among other positions as a teacher. He currently works as an orthopedic and traumatologist at CO + T Clínica del Remei, as well as being responsible for the Lower Extremity Surgical Unit at Sant Celoni Hospital.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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