La técnica HAL-RAR es menos agresiva que la clásica

Técnica HAL-RAR, un nuevo tratamiento contra las hemorroides

Written by: Dr. César Ginestà Martí
Published: | Updated: 20/08/2018
Edited by: Alicia Arévalo Bernal

The classic treatment of hemorrhoids consists of the surgical removal of pathological haemorrhoidal packages. Despite being one of the most used and acclaimed techniques to treat this condition, its postoperative is painful and usually presents complications. Something that has led the professionals to apply new procedures.

The HAL-RAR technique is less aggressive than the classic technique. 

What is HAL-RAR technique?

This new technique is less aggressive than the classic one, and implies a conceptual change in the treatment of the almorranas: to eliminate the disease without having to remove the veins. In addition, it allows reintroduction of patients operated on with classic treatment but whose hemorrhoids have been regenerated or re-prolapsed.

The procedure is based on identifying the arteries where the blood reaches the hemorrhoids using a Doppler ultrasound. Once recognized, they are sutured by decreasing the supply of blood to the vein and getting the solution of the problem. Also, it is possible to treat this annoying problem without almost risks, and in a more careful way with the area and with less pain during the postoperative .

Who is the HAL-RAR treatment for?

Patients with hemorrhoids have to be evaluated by a professional in General Surgery to be treated with this technique. Both the prolapsed and severe veins, as well as the simpler and milder veins can benefit from this technique, since in addition to suturing the arteries, a kind of facelift that aesthetically enhances the area is added.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. César Ginestà Martí

Dr. Cesar Ginestà Martí is a specialist in General Surgery and Digestive Diseases. He is an expert in laparoscopic surgery, colon surgery and gallbladder. Today is part of Assistència Surgical team Barcelona.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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