Abdominoplasty technique

Written by: Dr. Pedro Pérez-Escariz Sánchez
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Abdominoplasty is the surgical technique for repairing the abdominal wall and the pendulum abdomen. It is used to treat skin excess, fatty excess or abnormalities of the abdominal wall.

Performing abdominoplasty

The technique of abdominoplasty consists of the approach by means of a suprapubic incision that extends to both sides towards the iliac spines, always according to the needs of each patient. This is done to make the incision in a place that can be disguised with the patient's underwear.

Once the incision is made, the portion of skin and underlying fat is removed from the abdominal musculature, isolating the navel during dissection. Then, it is usually done the remodeling and / or construction of the abdominal musculature, at which time it is used to repair weak areas, hernias, eventrations and other ailments that might exist.

It is at this time of the intervention when you can know the amount of skin and fat that can be resected.

Then the navel is reinserted into its new position improving appearance, size and location, looking even more youthful.


After the procedure, it is not recommended to expose the scar to the sun


Result of abdominoplasty

The result of abdominoplasty is definitive , as long as the patient follows the guidelines and recommendations provided by the specialist in Plastic Surgery. Otherwise, a second abdominoplasty could be performed.

The advantages of being performed by plastic surgeons are the care in the placement of scars, the care of the tissues, the skill in the mobilization of the musculature to avoid the placement of meshes, the accomplishment of complementary liposuction and the techniques of aesthetic suture .


Postoperative abdominoplasty

The postoperative abdominoplasty should be planned and known in depth, as it requires dedication by the patient greater than in other cosmetic surgery operations. According to the experience of some surgeons, almost all patients - both men and women - need remodeling of the abdominal musculature, which is why a longer period of rest is needed.


Who can perform a tummy tuck?

Abdominoplasty is indicated in patients who have a skin excess (called a skirt or dermochalasis) or alterations of the abdominal wall that they do not want to have.

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By Dr. Pedro Pérez-Escariz Sánchez
Plastic surgery

Degree in medicine and surgery from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Dr. Pedro Sanchez Perez-Escariz has a long formation which extends in the most prestigious hospitals in Europe and the United States. Your cosmetic surgeon specialization has led him to be the author of several chapters in books on the subject and participated in numerous forums and conferences. Dr. Pérez-Escariz also has an experience of 30 years and is currently working as a plastic surgeon Unit of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery IBERMUTUAMUR (Central Services of Madrid).

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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