Technique sinus lift to facilitate placement of implants

Written by: Dr. Pablo Rial Serodio
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By extracting teeth and premolars, the upper jaw bone suffers a loss that can worsen over time. Also, the fact that infections occur also causes bone loss.

In this oral maxillary sinus region, which is an air hole covered by a membrane, which usually increase in size over the years, molars and premolars after removal is. When there is little amount (height) of bone to place dental implants, experts in dentistry have the possibility of carrying out a sinus elevation. This allows to regenerate lost bone and have the sufficient bone.

sinus lift


What is the intervention of sinus lift

The technique involves the elevation of the sinus membrane and then placing a graft, which will keep the space for space regenerated. It is a procedure performed under local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis, so it has minimal complications.


When the sinus lift is performed

Should the patient have a minimum amount of bone, the technique is carried out on the day of implant placement. However, if bone loss is advanced, it should be done first phase of sinus lift and, after six months implant placement.


How to know whether it is feasible to undergo a sinus lift

Maxillary sinus elevation no longer a surgical technique, so a correct diagnosis and planning by a TAC to verify the absence of contraindications for its implementation is necessary. Also to locate the presence or absence of polyps or thickening of the sinus membrane, which would prevent the proper execution.


Results of the technique of sinus lift

The sinus lift is a common technique with high success rate if you follow the established protocol. It is an effective solution for edentulous jawbone with little patients.

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By Dr. Pablo Rial Serodio

Celebrate dentist international training, known for its professionalism in the implant aesthetics, invisible and surgical orthodontics. After his doctorate in Uruguay, I perform various courses and masters abroad to meet expert Dr. Inaki Gamborena in San Sebastian. Currently, he is director of the Centro Integral Odontologico Granollers.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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