Technical Briseis to regain facial volume

Written by: Dra. Natalia Ribé
Edited by: Top Doctors®


What is the Briseis technique?

We know that over the years we lose the support structures as well as the amount of hyaluronic acid and structures we have in our face that makes us lose what is the triangle of youth, which is reversed, and hence the need to recover the lost volume and above areas, mOSTLY-tally, which is the area of ​​the cheekbone and what is the area of ​​the cheek. The Bri-seida technique is a personal technique I designed to minimize and facilitate what is the injection volume recovery in all that is the area of ​​the cheekbone and cheek area. With a single injection point by a linear, retrograde and fan art is going depositing what the product, a specific product adapted and designed to give volume to the cheekbone area and recover this volume we lose with the passage of years. 

Why the name Briseis technique?

My custom to baptize my techniques and put a specific name and associated with a historical reference literature and baptized my cheek augmentation technique with this name because in ancient Greece Briseis was known for the beauty of his cheekbones.


What features does the personal technique designed by Dr.. Ribé?

The Briseis technique involves the infiltration of a stabilized hyaluronic acid of non-animal, specific origin, with the ability of the molecule adapted to give volu-men what is the cheekbone area and what is the cheek area. I recommend the application of topical local anesthesia, not because it really is annoying treatment, because as I say it is done with a single entrance, a single injection point, but because the patient feels comfortable. At the time of injection, with that single point, with linear, retrograde and fan art, I'm depositing what the product is and I'm shaping the area cheekbone and cheek with a single point of injection.


What are the benefits of this technique?

I think that brings many, Briseis technique as explained is a simplification of what is the usual technique of increasing cheekbone that had to be done in the operating room or aseptically, the incision with a scalpel blade, the application of anesthesia locoregional area, the introduction of a cannula really long in thickness and in length and subsequent placement of a point that would be removed after a few days. Hence the Briseis technique, which is the recovery of the volume of the area of ​​the cheekbone or the cheek, the we can make in consultation with topical anesthesia application. Do not forget also that the specific product for this area also leads hyaluronic acid and specifically takes lidocaine, thus minimizing what is the trouble puncture and treatment, can the patient out and regain their social life and work immediately with the benefit of It has done a treatment and to recover what the facial volume lost over the years.


What advice would be followed after treatment?

After treatment of technical Briseis the advice I give to my patients are the usual I recommend after other procedures, ie common sen-direction. I recommend that the sun is not exposed immediately, not to subject the implant at high temperatures and above that there is a specific heavy pressure on what is the area. This usually recommend it for 4 or 5 days but considering the patient after treatment performed can go out perfectly, regain their social and working life and meet best face and look good.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Natalia Ribé
Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Natalia Ribé has a high national and international prestige and is the Director and founder of the Institut Dra Natalia Ribé where the most innovative and current techniques in the field of aesthetic medicine are applied. With more than 20 years of experience in aesthetic medicine, she is a consultant of the main medical laboratories and has received multiple awards, among which the Gold Medal of the Europe Forum stands out for her professional career.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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