Tatuajes personalizados para tapar cicatrices

Written by: Maribel Franco
Edited by: Alicia Arévalo Bernal

Personalized tattoos are a type of treatment that is performed in Aesthetic Medicine with the aim of disguising the scars .

Hiding the scars with tattoos is a very good idea, but it is necessary that the tattooist choose the technique of camouflage suitable to create a custom design according to the scar.

The treated area should be moisturized with a healing ointment and not exposed to the sun. 

The design of the tattoo has to adapt to the shape and size of the scar and, of course, to the tastes of the client.

Custom tattoos do not pose any risk because they work with hypoallergenic pigments , the material is a single use and the procedure is not invasive at all. Previously, the work to be done is evaluated in consultation and, depending on the texture of the scar, some treatments are carried out in a cabin that improves and prepares the skin to micropigmentate.

Subsequently, specialists advise patients to hydrate the treated area with a healing ointment and not expose it to the sun.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
 Maribel Franco

By Maribel Franco
Aesthetic Medicine

The expert in cosmetic techniques, Ms. Maribel Franco, has a renowned career in several Esthetic Clinics & Medical Centers as Iradier, Corachán or Arsenal. It specializes in micropigmentation, which has been formed academically in the US and Italy. It is also expert personnel and aesthetic image, pre and post surgical treatments, in addition to oncological aesthetics. It has the qualifications for film and television makeup and makeup for photography. It has imported the progress of the most advanced techniques of international reference center.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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